GOTY 2011

PlayStation Game and Community Awards 2011

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at 12:55pm January 13 2012

It’s January and that means awards season. Red carpets, rented jewellery and tuxedos will be spilling all over Hollywood in a matter of weeks and the world of PlayStation is no different.  It’s time to get your nominations in for the PlayStation Game and Community Awards 2011.  If you reckon Spiderman: Edge of Time is your game of the year (you would be wrong) get nominating now. If you are looking…

Official PlayStation Magazine UK: new issue on sale now

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at 11:30am December 28 2011
66 Cover and wallet

So, had enough of Christmas yet? In case you need something to break up the mince pies and incendiary family arguments then a new Official PlayStation Magazine UK is in the shops now. With Max Payne 3 on the cover (and inside). We’ve also got the full top 40 reader voted Games Of The Year, an interview with Mr LA Noire Brendan McNamara, the big games of 2012 and plenty more. Don’t worry,…

Official PlayStation Magazine UK’s GOTY: Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception

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at 01:02pm December 23 2011

Despite the sky-high standards developer Naughty Dog set itself with Among Thieves, it’s no shock that its follow-up blew us away. What is surprising is that there was something of a backlash (admittedly a modest one) against what took your Game Of The Year gong in a landslide.

Official PlayStation Magazine UK’s GOTY No 2: Batman Arkham City

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at 02:22pm December 22 2011

It’s clear now that the outstanding Arkham Asylum was merely a warm-up – the equivalent of handing us the keys to the Batmobile and urging us to go for a test-drive. Bruce Wayne may be the only man to don the cowl in DC’s revamped universe, but with Arkham City Rocksteady successfully turned every one of us into Batman.

Official PlayStation Magazine UK’s GOTY No 3: Skyrim

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at 05:54pm December 21 2011
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - orc

[Yes, I can appreciate the irony of publishing this the same day as the Skyrim Disaster Timeline chronicles the history of the laggy frame rate issues, but this is a reader voted thing, remember and it's the next one up. ] Oh, Skyrim. It’s had a troubled life on PS3. After building up a head of steam and looking like it might stroll to GOTY honours, that bug hit. A weird coding glitch carried over from…

Official PlayStation Magazine UK’s GOTY No 4: Portal 2

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at 05:18pm December 20 2011
Portal 2 2011 Golden Joysticks

Ripping holes in reality with a science gun to solve what are essentially complicated geometry puzzles shouldn’t be this fun. In the hands of a developer less talented, funny or intelligent than Valve, Portal 2 could easily have been duller than trying to solve trigonometry while drawing up pie charts about polystyrene sales.

Official PlayStation Magazine UK’s GOTY No 5: Battlefield 3

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at 03:07pm December 19 2011
Battlefield 3 PS3 Modern Warfare

Well, this is quite the explosive development. While Modern Warfare 3 is conspicuous in its absence from this chart (that, and being the biggest game in the world), its main rival sits pretty four places off the top spot.

Official PlayStation Magazine UK’s GOTY No 6: LA Noire

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at 03:52pm December 16 2011

Game appreciation is subjective, and we’re not in the business of telling people that their views aren’t valid. But even if you don’t like LA Noire, it’s the kind of game – much like Heavy Rain before it – that’s good for the industry. (Oh, and you’re wrong, by the way.)

Official PlayStation Magazine UK’s GOTY No 7: Mass Effect 2

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at 02:45pm December 15 2011
mass effect 3

Bioware’s gargantuan sci-fi quest is obsessed with death. Within the first ten minutes your grizzled playable character, Commander Shepard, has already popped his (or hers – choice is yours) intergalactic clogs, quickly followed by a swift, futuristic resurrection.

Official PlayStation Magazine UK’s GOTY No 8: Killzone 3

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at 04:38pm December 14 2011

You don’t go into a Killzone game expecting discussions on the nature of truth and the morality of warfare, nor do you go in expecting the characters to leap about like heavily armed Spider-Men. What you expect is big suits, marble-hard AI and guns that make you feel like you’ve just fired a thunderclap out of a cannon.

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