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God Of War on PS4, Driveclub PS Plus Edition details and Dying Light delayed – PlayStation news round up

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at 04:47pm May 8 2014

Step right up for your daily punch of PlayStation news directly to the face, gentle reader. On this fine afternoon we bring rumours of Kratos getting a now-gen port as God Of War PS4 murmurings scurry around the interwebs. There’s also more news on how you can upgrade the free PS Plus version of Driveclub to the full fat experience. Oh, and Dying Light has been delayed until 2015. Sorry, zomb-lovers.

God Of War Ascension interview: meeting Kratos’ makers to talk PS3, PS4, violence & multiplayer

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at 03:29pm March 19 2013
God Of War Ascension live action supe bowl trailer

We chat to God Of War Ascension’s lead combat designer Jason McDonald and lead game designer Mark Simon about the latest chapter in Kratos’ story. Here they talk about the origins and development of the game, the violence, pushing the SP3 and the future on PS4.

God of War Ascension patches out controversial Bros before Hos trophy

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at 12:44pm March 12 2013
God Of War ascension trophy

Sony Santa Monica has confirmed it will change the name of a God Of War: Ascension trophy called “Bros before Hos” after criticism of its misogynistic overtones. I’m guessing these people have never actually seen a God Of War game before or they’d have started complaining somewhere around the Gates of Athens level in the first game.

God Of War multiplayer existed “at the end of God Of War 3″ says dev. Ascension “the right time to do it”

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at 12:29pm March 11 2013
God Of War Ascension Gamescom screens

God Of War Ascension’s lead combat designer Jason McDonald has spoken about the birth of its online mode, starting life as “some PSN and multiplayer tests at the end of God of War 3 to see how fun it might be”.

PS4 is “incredible” says God of War team but there’s “still life in the PS3″

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at 11:53am March 8 2013
god of war ascension

PS4 is a prospect that has God of War: Ascension’s developer Sony Santa Monica “excited,” but it says that even after eight years, the capabilities of PS3 can still be explored. We chat to lead game designer Mark Simon and lead combat designer Jason McDonald to find out more.

God Of War: Ascension PS3 review – beautiful brawler gives rise to the silver Spartan

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at 06:00pm March 7 2013

When you’ve broken into the king of the gods’ gaff and punched him square in the face until his divine cranium caves in, where do you go next? That’s the problem facing both our surly Spartan and Sony Santa Monica in what’s surely God Of War’s slaughter-heavy swansong on PS3. After scaling Mount Olympus and vanquishing Zeus last time out, Ascension has no option but to go back… both literally and, very occasionally, gameplay-wise.

God Of War: Ascension video review & gameplay – lets talk Kratos

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at 06:00pm March 7 2013
God Of War Ascension review video & gameplay

Here’s our video review of God Of War Ascension packed full of slicey gameplay. I chat to Meiks about his review, covering both the single and multiplayer elements of the game. How does this prequel fair and is it a worthy see off to Kratos on PS3?

God Of War Ascension single player video – let’s discover what inside a cyclops looks like

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at 07:35pm February 27 2013
God Of War Ascension single player screens

Here’s me and James Jarvis of CVG fame to play through the opening half hour of God Of War Ascension. Apologies in advance for the haphazard Greek name pronunciations and forgetting all the Titan names from GOW3.

God Of War Ascension mo-cap video – Kratos’ voice actor looks like *what* now?

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at 02:25pm February 12 2013
God Of War kratos

Sony have released an interesting video of the mo-cap process for God Of War: Ascension. Perhaps the biggest surprise it reveals is that Kratos’ voice actor, T.C. Carson, is a five foot Carlton look-a-like and not actually a seven foot slab of gym-abusing muscle. The best bit is when Bioshock Infinite’s Troy Baker has to talk above his head to where Kratos’ eyes should be.

God Of War Ascension getting 500GB white PS3 bundle & custom GOW controller

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at 10:58am February 6 2013
Gof Of war ascension ps3 bundle

Sony are releasing a 500GB white PS3 God Of War Ascension bundle on March 15. As well as the PS3 it includes a gold custom controller and a Steelbook, special edition of the game, XP bonuses and DLC.

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