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God of War 4 called Ascension gets trailer, packshot and Spring 2013 release date

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at 08:51am April 19 2012
gow4 2

Amazon have apparently outed God Of War 4, now called Ascension, with a (now removed) product page that featured a packshot, trailer and December 2013 release date.

God Of War 4 reveal coming on the 19th?

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at 11:22am April 12 2012
God of war reveal 19th?

PlayStation’s Facebook page has updated its cover image. Okay it could be anything but Kratos does like his vengeance and it’s not like there haven’t been enough God Of War 4 rumors and leaks recently.

God Of War 4 trailer leaked?

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at 03:59pm March 3 2012
god of war 4

Shaky cam footage appears to have leaked online for a God Of War 4 teaser trailer. The grainy film shows someone apparently trying to rouse Kratos telling him to ‘wake up!’ And who’s doing the rousing?

God Of War 4 named in animator’s Linkedin profile

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at 09:55pm February 14 2012
God Of War 4

David Thornfield, an animator from the mo-cap studio House of Moves has listed ‘God Of War 4” on his Linkedin profile. The fact that the entire profile’s now been taken down only makes him look even more guilty of letting the info slip. (Although the cached version is still up for now so it wasn’t hard to find.) Combined with the previous God Of War 4 leak via a composer’s…

Syphon Filter 4, God Of War IV released on PS3 this year?

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at 12:08pm January 23 2012

A rumour in Play magazine points at Syphon Filter 4 heading to PS3 with a ‘winter 2012′ release date. It’ll be developed by SCE London instead of the previously linked Sony Bend. They also mention God Of War 4 which is already looking like a sure thing thanks to a composer who leaked GOW 4 as an upcoming project, although we’ve heard whispers GOW 4 could be PS4/next gen.

God of War 4 listed as ‘upcoming’ in composer’s CV

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at 03:21pm January 3 2012

Pop over to composer Timothy Williams’ website and you’ll see God Of War 4 listed in his line up of work as ‘upcoming’. We’ve screen grabbed it below for when it inevitably disappears. It’s the latest leak that seems to suggest the highly unsurprising existence of a sequel to one of Sony’s biggest names. 

God of War 4 gets release date?

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at 09:24pm November 9 2011
God of War 4 GOW 4 release date

  It’s most likely an overzealous retailer getting carried away but mightyape.com have a listing for GOW 4. You can even pre-order the game now with an ‘estimated date’ of September 28th 2012. Sony are definitely working on a God Of War sequel as they’ve been advertising jobs for it. 

New God of War coming. Might be next gen

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at 03:45pm October 31 2011
God of war

Head over to creativeheads.net and you’ll find an ad for a conceptual development job listing a ‘God of War’ project. The position asks for experience in Illustrator, Photoshop and Painter 3D, and lists the genre as combat/military – weird choice of words or a hint at what’s coming?

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