Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel – read all the exclusive info in OPM #96, on sale Friday 11th April

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at 03:18pm April 9 2014

Info on Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel officially went live today, and we’re delighted to say you’ll be able to read all about Gearbox’s new PS3 shooter in issue #96 of Official PlayStation Magazine UK, on sale this Friday 11th April.

What went wrong with Aliens: Colonial Marines? The fallout, rumours & accusations

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at 03:01pm May 1 2013
Aliens Colonial Marines PS3 screens

With news that Sega and Gearbox are being hit with a class action law suit claiming they falsely advertised Aliens: Colonial Marines, we look back at the history of allegations and conjecture that has haunted the game. We investigate the rumours behind its lengthy and trouble six year development.

Aliens: Colonial Marines PS3 gameplay video & review – the first level

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at 09:00am February 12 2013
aliens colonial marines ps3 review

Want an Aliens: Colonial Marines review but don’t like words? You can watch this gameplay video then where Leon talks about his review with Phil while playing the opening level.

Aliens: Colonial Marines PS3 review – I got signals. I got readings, in front and behind

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at 09:00am February 12 2013
Aliens Colonial Marines PS3 screens

As you might hope, fighting aliens is the best bit of Aliens: Colonial Marines. There’s an almost retro feel to the action as you spiral and circle to hit them. As the Pulse Rifles spit and flare to a backing of Xeno screams and marine shouts it shows the game at its best – capturing a flavour of the movie and giving you the chance to take a starring role.

Borderlands 2 producer confirms level cap raise for “quite a few levels” due by March

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at 12:01pm January 16 2013
sir hammerlock borderlands 2 DLC

James Lopez, associate producer on Borderlands 2, has confirmed a level cap raise is on the way, sometime in “Q1″, so by the end of March.

Aliens: Colonial Marines preview – the atmosphere’s great, now fix the alien animation

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at 10:50am January 4 2013
Aliens Colonial Marines PS3 screens

Gearbox’s ET-blaster has been pinging on Motion Trackers for years without ever seeming to scuttle closer to release: a sure sign of an express elevator to development hell, if ever there was one. But at long last the final countdown to launch has been initiated, and with it the Texan studio has unscrewed its vent grilles to let us dive in, Pulse Rifles ready.

Borderlands 2′s worst driver – Why Emma Davies is a reluctant backseat driver

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at 01:00pm December 26 2012
Borderlands 2 PS3 screens

I am passable at many things in Borderlands 2. I can gauge the ideal spot to slam down a sentry turret in the heat of the moment. I’ve got my gun-stat calculations down to a matter of nano-seconds. I’m the freakin’ best at getting a little over-eager when exploring a bandit camp, finding myself in way over my head and then expressing gruff gratitude as I’m being revived. But playing chauffeur? Nuh uh.

Aliens: Colonial Marines screens – that’s probably going to hurt

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at 04:51pm December 11 2012
Aliens Colonial Marines PS3 Preview

You can find out more about the game over at our Aliens: Colonial Marines video & preview. Before you do, here are some new screens showing the xenomorph shooter in action.

Aliens: Colonial Marines preview and gameplay video – fan museum tour meets okay shooter

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at 04:00pm December 11 2012
Aliens Colonial Marines PS3 screens

Against the harsh winds of LV-426, our squad trudges forward. Away from the lava pits that pock-mark the planet’s surface and towards Hadley’s Hope. Our squadmates have no idea what a singularly terrible idea it is to enter the terraforming facility because they haven’t seen the movie – they’re living out the sequel.

Aliens: Colonial Marines survivor multiplayer trailer shows off a new mode & alien

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at 04:25pm November 21 2012
Aliens Colonial Marines PS3

This new Aliens: Colonial Marines video shows of the new Survivor mode a competitive humans vs aliens mode. It also shows of a new ‘exploding alien’ who pulls apart it’s own head to detonate. Not sure that’s canon. Or original.

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