GDC 2014

First PS4 VR games revealed. EVE Valkyrie & Thief playable as Project Morpehus titles

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at 10:38am March 19 2014
ps4 VR headset Eve valkyrie

Following Sony’s reveal of its Project Morpheus PS4 VR headset it’s outlined some of the games attendees of this year’s GDC can try. They include Thief, EVE Valkyrie and two new demos, The Castle and The Deep.

Project Morpheus PS4 virtual reality headset full specs – 5 inch LCD 1080p screen

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at 10:18am March 19 2014
morpheus ps4 vr headset

Sony has released full details outlining it’s Project Morpheus PS4 virtual reality headset’s specs including screen type and resolutio, Move integration and “3D audio technology uniquely developed by SCE”

Sony’s first VR headset demo involved a first person God Of War

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at 01:19am March 19 2014
God Of War 2 3

Sony has finally revealed it’s PS4 VR headset, Project Morpheus at its GDC presentation and revealed an early demo from Santa Monica – a first person hack of God Of War 2.

Sony finally announce PS4 VR headset: Project Morpheus, “may well shape the future of games”

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at 01:08am March 19 2014
Project Morpheus PS4 VR headset Sony

Sony has finally announced its PS4 Virtual Reality headset called Project Morpheus at GDC during a presentation called ‘Driving The Future of Innovation’.

Sony’s PS4 VR headset announced at GDC. By Forbes, promising “hands on impressions & videos”

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at 11:39pm March 18 2014
PS4 oculus rift

Either Forbes are jumping the gun or just wanted to go home early because it announced the PS4 VR headset for Sony, ahead of a rumoured GDC reveal called ‘Driving the future of innovation’.

Sony reported to be revealing a PlayStation branded PS4 VR headset at GDC on March 18

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at 01:12pm March 12 2014
PS4 Oculus Rift

More reports seem to confirm that Sony will be revealing a PlayStation branded VR headset for PS4 at its ‘Driving the future of innovation’ session at this year’s GDC, on Tuesday, March 18.

Sony’s PS4 VR head set due to be announced March 17th at GDC 2014 according to source

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at 01:09pm February 25 2014
PS4 oculus rift

Sony are allegedly due to reveal its oft rumoured Oculus Rift style virtual reality headset for PS4 at this year’s GDC, which starts on March 17th.

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