Gamescom 2012

Beyond: Two Souls Gamecom gameplay. Cage says industry needs to “grow up”

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at 11:56am August 20 2012

Beyond: Two Souls has had seven whole minutes of gameplay footage shown off by Quantic Dream’s David Cage, who followed up by saying that the industry needs to “grow up”.

Gamescom hits 275, 000 visitors. 2013 show set for 21st August. Full stats inside.

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at 11:08am August 20 2012
Gamescom entrance

The five-day gaming pilgrimage that was Gamescom 2012 has come an end, with enough juicy stories, trailers and reveals to keep our RSI-riddled fingers dully clacking over keyboards throughout. But if you thought there was something missing from Gamescom, and that thing was statistics, boy howdy do we have a treat for you.

Puppeteer trailer fresh from Gamescom, shows levitating forks and bear kings

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at 02:20pm August 17 2012

Newly announced at Gamescom 2012, PS3 exclusive Puppeteer’s first trailer has been released from Gamescom, showing off it’s trippy, vaudevillian setting and scissor-based platforming puzzles.

EA boss Frank Gibeau has “seen” PS4

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at 12:45pm August 17 2012
Surely it won't look like this - where's the giant '4'? And the ice maker?

EA’s president of labels Frank Gibeau confirmed to an audience at Gamescom 2012 that he’s had eyes-on contact with PS4.

Gamescom day 2 with Access TV

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at 10:49am August 17 2012
Access TV Gamescom Day 2

Access TV reports back from day 2 of Gamescom 2012, so you don’t have to brave the fragrant masses for yourself. Heroes.

Media Molecule’s working on an “early stage” secret project as well as Tearaway

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at 06:01pm August 16 2012

Tearaway, the magic paper-crafting platform puzzler for the PS Vita, is not the only thing being worked on behind closed doors at Media Molecule, they’re working on a second, secret project…

Puppeteer screenshot gallery – Purple tigers, paper bats & lobster pots oh my!

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at 12:20pm August 16 2012

Puppeteer, a psychedelic PS3 platformer revealed during Sony’s press conference at Gamescom 2012, has had its first batch of screenshots released into the wild.

The Unfinished Swan gameplay video from Gamescom shows exploration and balloons

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at 12:04pm August 16 2012
The Unfinished Swan screens

The Unfinished Swan’s first gameplay clip shows off the game’s surreal, paint-focussed exploration as well as new story tidbits and poppable balloon trophies.

How The Last Of Us is redefining videogame morality: “Joel has no moral line left to cross”

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at 11:32am August 16 2012
The Last Of Us new gamescom screens

We find out more about The Last Of Us’ dubious moral code. This a game where the hero is anything but a good man and it’s a refreshing change to the usual black and white or video game ethics.

Hitman: Absolution Contracts – hands on with 47′s user-created online mode

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at 10:53am August 16 2012

Hitman: Absolution unveiled it’s online efforts at Gamescom, and I was there to get hands on with the new mode. What is it? How does it work? Does it work? Calm down and let me explain.

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