Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones PS3 review

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at 06:20pm June 6 2012

HBO’s x-rated fantasy series is the best thing on the box. Besting Baltimore cops eavesdropping on drug dealers or even the extra illegal exploits of a terminally ill chemistry teacher [Ed: you’ve gone mad], it’s a constantly thrilling small-screen revelation. But where the show somehow makes the fat bloke from the Tesco ads utterly plausible as a badass, beleaguered king, this relentlessly workmanlike RPG can’t even make a dude who conjures fire from his palms interesting.

Game Of Thrones PS3 preview

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at 11:50am April 26 2012
game of thrones ps3

We recently got a sizeable peak at Game Of Thrones on PS3. Head on in to discover why this violence-filled, sex-stuffed RPG, which lets you enter the mind of a pit bull, isn’t just another shameless tie-in.

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