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Fuse PS3 review – Insomniac shooter will leave you dozing

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at 12:35pm May 29 2013
Fuse Ps3 screens

A freshly wrecked military base doubles as your whistle-stop tour of Fuse’s high-concept weaponry. In one room, bits of scientists decorate walls and ceilings, impaled by the same deadly melanite crystals they were researching minutes earlier. In another, a turret that glows like the sun spins wildly out of control and burns the last surviving technicians to cinders. Across the way, a solid wall warps and shimmers like liquid metal, impervious to damage. And just when you thought it couldn’t get weirder, a black hole tears a corridor apart. As shop floor demos go, you won’t find many more effective.

Watch us play Fuse – fresh gamplay from the new demo

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at 05:58pm May 8 2013
Fuse Ps3 screens

Here’s me and Joel playing though the new Fuse demo which went up on the Store today. It didn’t blow either of us away. It’s not particularly original and certainly doesn’t play like a new game coming out this year. A couple of years ago, maybe, but not this year.

Fuse Q&A with Ted Price – ‘something different in a sea of sequels’

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at 03:21pm April 8 2013

We chat with Insomniac CEO Ted Price, who discusses the controversy surrounding Fuse’s cover and making a game at the end of a generation.

3 new Fuse screens appear, show teamwork, snow & punching

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at 11:34am March 6 2013
Fuse screens

3 new Fuse screens have appeared online showing more of Insomniac’s co-op shooter in action. The screens show off some new moves as well as a new Raven robot plane thing. It doesn’t look friendly.

Fuse screens – teamwork helps you blow more stuff up!

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at 02:36pm February 14 2013
Fuse Ps3 screens

The latest Fuse screens show off the kind of chaos you can create with four friends and a bunch of alien powered guns. The answer is a lot.

Fuse PS3 preview – trigger fingers on with co-op that shows the team who slays together, stays together

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at 02:00pm February 14 2013

Look, we can’t all go the Drake-looking dude with the cheaty quantum physics-distorting shield, alright? With a more serious look and recently revamped cover art, Fuse on PS3 (i.e. the artist formerly known as Overstrike) has clearly had Gok Wan pop round to help it squeeze into that hip-hugging military clobber.

New Fuse screens star future soldiers, alien weapons and orange

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at 01:06pm November 14 2012
Fuse PS3 screens

Here’s a whole heap of new Fuse screens showing the Overstrike9 team melting, blasting and throttling a bunch of Raven troops.

Fuse interview with creative director Brian Allgeier

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at 03:16pm October 25 2012
Fuse Screenshots

Here’s Phil to ask creative director Brian Allgeier a few questions about Fuse, Insomnaic’s new co-op shooter. They chat about the gameplay, characters and the unique alien guns that power the game.

Fuse PS3 preview: Squad shooting with questionable chemistry

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at 02:00pm October 25 2012

Stifle that yawn, because although Insomniac’s co-op squad shooter might appear to be playing it safer than Sunderland’s back nine now it’s been re-launched sans comic book stylings, there’s practically a surplus of great ideas bubbling away in the ways the four of you can team up, combine weapons and co-op the heck out of anyone who gets in your way.

Fuse: Ted Price explains weapons, characters and plot in this 18 minute gameplay video

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at 04:20pm October 22 2012
Fuse Screenshots

Here’s Insomniac CEO Ted Price to talk Fuse. Specifically what all the different weapons do, who the characters are and how various abilities upgrade. There’s also a ton of gameplay showing alien powered guns in action.

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