Fuse screens

New Fuse PS3 screens.

3 new Fuse screens appear, show teamwork, snow & punching

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at 11:34am March 6 2013
Fuse screens

3 new Fuse screens have appeared online showing more of Insomniac’s co-op shooter in action. The screens show off some new moves as well as a new Raven robot plane thing. It doesn’t look friendly.

Fuse screens – teamwork helps you blow more stuff up!

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at 02:36pm February 14 2013
Fuse Ps3 screens

The latest Fuse screens show off the kind of chaos you can create with four friends and a bunch of alien powered guns. The answer is a lot.

First Fuse screens & info arrive

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at 02:25pm September 12 2012
Fuse Screenshots

Insomniac games creative Brian Allgeier has finally revealed the first info on Fuse, a new four-player co-op shooter that focuses on weapons modified by an alien substance.

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