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The Last Guardian in “earnest development” but Puppeteer & Knack take priority says Ueda

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at 12:55pm August 22 2013

Ico and Shadow Of The Colossus creator Fumito Ueda claims the since long AWOL The Last Guardian is, “under earnest development” but that other Sony Japan Studio games are currently prioritised.

The Last Guardian to be a PS4 game, “the last time it was restarted it was moved to Orbis”

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at 12:52pm February 18 2013

A forum post from an alleged former Sony dev suggests that The Last Guardian is now a PS4 game. The title has apparently been restarted a number of times during development and at the last do-over was moved to PlayStation 4.

Fumito Ueda: “The Last Guardian remains under my supervision & still in development”

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at 02:33pm February 13 2013
The Last Guardian PS3

The Ico creator Fumito Ueda has issued a statement regarding The Last Guardian. He states the delayed game, “remains under my creative supervision and is still in development”. He also say that the release is, “decided by Sony, not myself. Please keep an eye out for their official announcement”.

The Last Guardian development “business as usual” says Fumito Ueda

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at 12:17pm June 21 2012
The Last Guardian PS3

Things might not be as bleak as we thought for The Last Guardian after an E3 no show and major staff departures. Creator Fumito Ueda has been asked about the game’s development and said “It’s business as usual.”

Sony confirm Fumito Ueda has left company, working on “contract basis”

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at 11:08am December 13 2011
The last guardian

That rumour about Fumito Ueda having left Sony and finishing The Last Guardian freelance? Turns out it was true. Sony confirmed the news to Gamasutra, largely reiterating what had already been leaked - specifically that Ueda had left the company as an employee but was still working on a “contract basis” and committed to finish the game. That ties up with Ueda’s cryptic tweets that there was “No need to worry” and that the The Last Guardian…

Fumito Ueda “under contract” and “committed to completing The Last Guardian”

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at 10:26am December 10 2011

IGN have apparently spoken to Sony who’ve said ”Ueda-san is in fact under contract and is committed to completing his work on The Last Guardian.” It’s good news after rumours the developer had left Sony and was finishing the project in a “freelance capacity“, plus confirmation executive producer Yoshifusa Hayama had in fact left the team. 

“No need to worry” tweets Fumito Ueda. The Last Guardian’s “still in production.”

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at 10:09am December 6 2011
LAst Gaurdian

According to Andriasang, Ico and Shadow Of The Colossus creator has posted a tweet to reassure fans after rumours broke he had left the game. Fumito Ueda’s tweet appeared last night and is the first thing anyone’s said since the story broke that Ueda was finishing The Last Guardian freelance.

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