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Dark Souls 2 Moon Butterfly Armour is to die for

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at 12:08pm April 2 2014
Dark Souls 2 Moon Butterfly Armour

So it turns out if you finish Dark Souls 2 three times you can unlock the Moon Butterfly Armour. Not only does this make you look fabulous, as this video shows, it turns your character into an absolute PvP beast. Although that might have something to do with finishing the game three times.

Find the best Dark Souls 2 rings – locations & effects guide

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at 05:35pm March 24 2014
Dark Souls 2 screens

Here’s a tips guide to help you find the 60-odd rings in Dark Souls 2 and make the best use of them. This range of jewellery can affect HP, combat, magic, online elements, status effects and more. They’re found as treasure, awarded for quest completion, joining covenants and so on.

Dark Souls 2 PS3 beginners tips – rings, combat & boss tactics, & weapons guide

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at 09:42am March 14 2014

You need Dark Souls 2 tips. Really, you do. Don’t be proud. There’s no shame in admitting The Dragonrider has just killed you 17 consecutive times, you’re Hollow and your max health is teetering around the half way point. That’s where this handy guide comes in. I’ve spent over 60 hours playing Dark Souls 2 on PS3, so use these tips to ensure you learn from my many, many, many, many mistakes. Inside you’ll find hints on weapons, combat and a ring that will stop that dreaded HP rot.

Dark Souls 2 gameplay tips video – Dave’s guide to what he’s learned 45 hours in

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at 12:35pm March 13 2014
dark souls 2 PS3 screens

If you’re looking for a head start in Dark Souls 2 then here’s a tips video as reviewer Dave guides you through his 45 hour save. There’s everything here from covenants to combat, the new ring system and places you need to visit. Good luck!

Dark Souls 2 Covenant guide – tips for finding & picking the best fit for you

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at 12:17pm March 12 2014
dark souls 2 Covenant Blue Sentinel

Mastering Dark Souls 2′s covenants are crucial to progressing in the game. These groups give you access to protection and help, as well as hugely useful items, weapons and spells. They also open up the game’s online portion with PvP and co-op options. Here’s our guide to choosing and finding the one best for you.

Dark Souls 2 PS3 review – Things to do in Drangleic when you’re undead

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at 10:25am March 11 2014

Like haggis fritters smothered in Marmite, Dark Souls 2’s unrelenting difficulty isn’t for everyone. For those with a glutton for punishment, you’re in for a meal that challenges and nourishes like no other – albeit one that likes to hoof you in the unmentionables every chance it gets. Hold me, dear reader. This is going to be one bumpy, but thankfully brilliant, descent back into the depths of despair.

Dark Souls 2 – From Software’s Tanimura & Shibuya explain summoning, covenants & more

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at 10:47am January 28 2014
Dark Souls 2 screens

Anyone who’s played Dark Souls knows the hard swallow that occurs on being briefed that someone with an intimidating PSN ID like Psycho_Punisher666 has invaded your world. You see that person’s glowing-red phantom sprinting across the map with Zweihander at the ready, hunting you like prey and closing on your position fast. No survival-horror game has matched the terror of the seconds leading up to that fateful clash.

From Software hasn’t thought about Dark Souls 2 on PS4 yet, co-director Yui Tanimura claims

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at 02:58pm January 16 2014
Dark Souls 2 screens

Fans have been asking for it since Dark Souls II was announced for PS3, but a next-gen version of the anticipated adventure/sadism odyssey isn’t something that From Software has given any thought, says co-director Yui Tanimura. Speaking to Edge, Tanimura said “We have not put any thought into this yet, so I unfortunately can’t answer at this point.”

New Dark Souls 2 screens show Covenants & *big* monsters

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at 05:39pm December 5 2013
Dark Souls 2 screens

Loads of new Dark Souls 2 screens here showing all manner of things. Including (at least) three Covenants that allow you to summon aid, protection or invade other people’s games. There’s also a couple of very big bosses that make me feel sad just looking at them. They are going to take ages.

What’s it like meeting Dark Souls 2 Mirror Knight? Hard. Really, really hard.

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at 11:36am October 17 2013
Dark Souls 2 Mirror Knight

“That’s the best anyone’s done so far.” These words from Namco Bandai’s PR are meant to come as consolation, but of course they don’t. It’s the game equivalent of your mum telling you that the only reason you didn’t win at sports day is because the other boys are bigger. Yeah, Mum, they’re also faster and stronger – that’s kind of the whole point. Well Dark Souls 2’s Mirror Knight sure is stronger and a whole lot bigger, but I know I can beat him.

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