Syndicate screens – 28 shots of EA and Starbreeze’s future shooter remake

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at 05:14pm October 13 2011
Syndicate game PS3

Here’s a whole gallery’s worth of futuristic espionage action for you. Featuring shooting, Dart chip hacking and robo-ninjas. 

Syndicate video – Executive Search level

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at 04:36pm October 13 2011
Syndicate PS3 gameplay

There’s a new video out for EA’s updated Syndicate shooter. Called the Executive Search it has you invading a rival corp looking for stolen tech. Among some of the gameplay changing future gear on display is a digital camo system that makes you invisible to security systems. It also shows off some of the hacking you can do with the Dart 6 chip.

Syndicate – What do PSM3 think?

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at 03:54pm October 11 2011

Recently sister mag PSM3 went to see EA’s new future shooter Syndicate. We asked associate editor Andy Hartup for a few words on the game based on their cover feature. This is what he had to say…

Two new Modern Warfare 3 screens

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at 04:06pm October 10 2011
New Modern Warfare 3 screens on PS3

CVG have the drop on two new Modern Warfare 3 screens which show the return of the AC-130 as it flies over Paris, reducing tanks and cars below into a fine dust.

New Battlefield 3 single player screens

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at 12:16pm October 8 2011
Battlefield 3 PS3 Screens

Sorry, but if the finished game looks like that on my PS3 I will print these screens out and eat them. It does look good on PS3 just not that good. Still, they are pretty and show off some gameplay elements such as repelling, and confirm you’ll be piloting a jet fighter in the main story. They also feature this year’s must have environmental accessory: a ruined building tipped slightly on its…

New Modern Warfare 3 trailer released. Features guns, explosions, stern man talking

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at 11:15am October 8 2011

That trailer which was meant to air last night during the footy? It happened. It’s pretty good and shows off plenty of ‘point and go ooh’ moments. Some of those set pieces look amazing.

New Modern Warfare 3 trailer to hit during tonight’s football match

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at 12:21pm October 7 2011
Modern Warfare 3 new trailer

Word is there’s a new Modern Warfare 3 trailer on TV tonight. It’s scheduled to hit around 8.45pm during the England v Montenegro match. I don’t do football so this is basically the only reason I now know there’s a match on tonight. Better take a book to the pub I guess…

Why Resistance 3 may end up being a lost classic

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at 01:48pm October 6 2011

There’s a good chance you haven’t bothered playing Resistance 3 yet. In truth, I wasn’t going to bother playing it at all. It was only once the game actually came out that I started to notice any buzz at all. Whether it was colleagues in the office or folk on my Twitter timeline, the message was the same: “Uh, isn’t this a bit bloody good?” And I could understand the surprise.…

Original Crysis looking sharp on PS3

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at 12:32pm October 5 2011

If the last game didn’t satisfy your need for stealth cloaking, high jumping super suit action then take a look at the original Crysis 1 on PS3 (and check out our Crysis 2 PS3 review if you don’t know what I’m talking about). It’s been remastered in CryEngine 3 and is out on PSN now.

Watch tentacles rip it up in this Darkness II video

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at 09:55am October 5 2011
Darkness II

It’s all about quad weilding in The Darkness II. Basically that means crushing and slicing with your demon arms, and shooting dual guns at the enemy. It works suprisingly well with weapons and tentacles split between all the shoulder buttons, and the analogue sticks used to control your slashes. Check out the video and tell me what you think.

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