Battlefield 3 – a Modern Warfare player’s guide

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at 12:39pm November 7 2011
Battlefield 3 PS3 Modern Warfare

Hey there, Rambo. Flick on the safety on that M60E4 for a second, lose the ammo belts draped across each shoulder and take a knee. You see, the war’s being fought across two titles now – Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3. Even if you’re a decorated Call Of Duty veteran, there are plenty of reasons you’ll still want to play Battlefield 3. For your consideration and to avoid humiliation,…

Modern Warfare 3 video – the first 15 minutes leaks online

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at 11:25pm November 6 2011
Modern Warfare 3 first fifteen minutes

I’ll be honest I’ve not watched this all the way through because I don’t want the spoilers. I’ve seen it up to the start screen and scanned through the rest and it’s legit but don’t blame me if it turns into Rick Astley at any point. Well, here you go: the first fifteen minutes of Modern Warfare 3. I reckon you’ve got about ten minutes before Activsion take it down…

What Dead Island 2 needs to fix

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at 03:44pm November 5 2011
Dead Island 2 PS3

With the news that Techland have filled a trademark for Dead World, it looks like Dead Island 2 is on the way. While there are plenty of questions for the zombie sequel – will it have a 2012 release date? Or use another emotional trailer? – the real issue is whether it will fix all the problems the first one had?

Modern Warfare 3 kills children

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at 11:38am November 4 2011
Modern Warfare 3 kills children

Well, child. Oh, and most of London. It’s the little girl blown up in Modern Warfare 3‘s terrorist attack that’ll probably get noticed the most. I’m going to put the rest behind the click if you want to avoid spoilers…

Alien Colonial Marines – new screens

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at 10:49am November 4 2011
Aliens Colonial Marines screens PS3

There are a few new Aliens screens over at developer Gearbox’s Facebook page. Not much more to say than that really. There are aliens, and marines, colonial ones. Oh and welding. Very important the welding.

Skyrim – hands on preview and interview with director Todd Howard

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at 04:37pm October 31 2011
Skyrim PS3 screens

The pause is long and awkward. Through the magic of video conferencing, I can’t quite tell what face Skyrim director Todd Howard is making, but the tone of voice suggests it’s a perplexed one. “Did you just say you set fire to a chicken?” he asks. 

Battlefield 3′s amazing opening level

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at 02:34pm October 28 2011
Screen shot 2011-10-28 at 2.29.40 pm

I’m about five hours into Battlefield 3 and I still have no idea what this Bond/Bourne inspired opening is about. It is, however, probably the highlight of the game so far as you fight through, and occasionally outside of, a speeding train. The game’s out today and we’ve got our initial verdict on the Battlefield 3′s single player game (with a full review on Monday once we’ve spent some time with the multiplayer).  We’ve also got info on Battlefield 3′s trophies…

Battlefield 3 verdict – my first two hours

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at 08:01am October 25 2011
Battlefield 3 Verdict PS3

At ease, soldiers. I’ve been scuttling around the first couple of hours of Battlefield 3’s single player campaign like a terrified child, and I’m ready to tell you my first impressions.

Skyrim preview – three hours in

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at 03:12pm October 17 2011
Skyrim PS3 screens Orc2

Well that was the quickest character creation in the history of Tamriel. Why? I’ve only got three-hours with Bethesda’s life-swallowing epic and I’m not about to waste it fiddling about with the nostril depth of my high-elf. So it’s Nord, handsome preset face number 1, and go.

New Battlefield 3 trailer – vehicles

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at 12:20pm October 17 2011
Battlefield 3 PS3 trailer

And by vehicles we mean tanks and planes mainly, a category of war we’re classing as ‘making things explode from inside a metal box. Best place to be by the looks of this. The jet combat is exceptionally exciting – the quality of dogfighting, both in terms of visuals and depth, looks like a separate game in its own right. 

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