FIFA 13 vs PES 2013 face comparisons: which looks better?

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at 10:27am October 4 2012

For most, the annual footy battle between FIFA and PES comes down to gameplay – but not for everyone. Some fans base their decision of which game to back purely on visuals, lest their long-term enjoyment be affected by the wrong gel being applied to Joe Hart’s hair, or Franck Ribery looking like a male model. For that reason alone we’ve put together this (literal) face-off between the pair – comparing the in-game likenesses of some of the greatest players on the planet. And Gervinho.

PES 2013 preview: six things it does better than FIFA 13

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at 12:00pm July 24 2012
PES 2013

This season’s title race is already over, right? Not necessarily. After hands-on time with both FIFA 13 and PES 2013 the former still looks like the odds-on favourite for the coming season, but there are definitely things new Pro Evo does better than its longstanding rival – suggesting it still has a shot at glory when both games release later this year. Here are a half-dozen of those plus points…

FIFA 13: Tottenham Hotspur stadium is in

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at 12:40pm May 30 2012
White Hart Lane stadium to feature in FIFA 13

Last week was a miserable one for Spurs fans as they missed out on Champions League football by virtue of Chelsea winning the same competition – but there’s better news for them on the virtual field, as White Hart Lane is one of the official stadia included in FIFA 13.

How to fix FIFA 12 difficulty problems

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at 10:21am November 18 2011
FIFA 12 difficulty: the perfect fix

It’s a familiar gripe with FIFA 12: Pro difficulty is too easy, World Class is too cheaty. But if it’s one that has been causing you to beat the floor in agony over yet another last minute defeat, worry no more. We’ve found the perfect fix.

FIFA 12 Ultimate Team: ultimate tips

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at 12:31pm October 20 2011

Ultimate Team is the hot mode in FIFA 12. It enables you to build your own club by buying cards that represent individual players, managers, kits, badges and more, then take to the field with a side that’s guaranteed to be different to any other on the planet. These cards can be acquired in packs of 12 bought with in-mode coins or real money (from PSN), or from other users…

FIFA 12: your reaction to new defending

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at 11:41am October 7 2011

This year’s FIFA 12 is brilliant. We’ve scored it 9/10 in the current issue of Official PlayStation Magazine UK, and you can read our review here. But the big talking point since its release a week ago has been the new defensive mechanic, where you shadow a man by holding X before pressing square to make a tackle. Here’s what you guys think of it so far – feel free…

FIFA 11 review

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at 10:07am January 28 2011
FIFA 11 review

In the 15-year history of OPM and its predecessors, no FIFA game has ever scored 10/10. Throughout the ‘90s it was good but not that good; in the early 2000s it was routinely hammered by PES. And while it’s turned that rivalry around in its favour of late, minor niggles have prevented it notching that magic figure – incompetent heading, keepers who loved spilling the ball across goal when it…

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