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Bound By Flame PS4 gameplay on show in new trailer, release date announced

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at 03:26pm April 7 2014
Bound by flame PS4

Bound By Flame might have slipped through the cracks to most people among the big hitters due later this year on PS4, but nontheless it would like you to know that it’s a PS4 RPG due for release on May 9th. Here you can see some of its combat in action, which looks like it owes a lot to Rocksteady’s slow-mo counter system but lacks the same level of refinement and fluidity.

Magrunner: Dark Pulse PS3 review – Puzzler keeps its finger on the… hang on, I’m stuck

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at 11:13am January 22 2014
Magrunner Dark Pulse

Peanut butter and jam. Billy Bob Thornton and Angelina Jolie. A 50ft gorilla and a half-naked blonde starlet. Your physics teacher was right: opposites really do attract. Although magnetising different coloured cubes to solve platform puzzles isn’t quite as exciting as some King Kong-sized foreplay. Sadly.

Contrast PS4 review – Stylish charmer steps out from the shadows

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at 10:52am December 6 2013
contrast ps3 screens

It’s almost impossible not to love Contrast, with its noir-tinged glitz and Parisian swagger. Set in a dreamscape snapshot of Europe in the ‘20s, it’s a puzzle-platformer full of interesting ideas, beautiful designs and a story that’ll break your heart if you let it. But, like any true romance, your love affair with Contrast won’t be without its domestic hiccups.

Tour De France 2013 PS3 review – Unlikely to face scrutiny for suspicious overperformance

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at 11:10am September 2 2013
Tour De France 2013 PS3 review

Coming hot on the heels of the worst sports sim I’ve played on PS3, Tour De France 2012, Cyanide’s annual update to the world of virtual calf strain certainly can’t be accused of resting on its laurels or cashing in on a tried-and-tested formula. Because the existing formula was bobbins and, as a direct result, no one played it.

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