Sony issue firmware 4.45 fix for bricked PS3s – grab a memory stick and cross your fingers

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at 11:14am June 27 2013
firmware update

Sony has a fix for any PS3s bricked by last week’s 4.45 firmware update. Some users found their consoles no longer reached the XMB screen, effectively rendering them useless. This fix requires you install the new update via external storage using the PS3′s safe mode.

Firmware 4.45 “issue” identified. Update to “resolve the issue” due June 27

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at 04:18pm June 21 2013

Sony has apparently fixed whatever it was with this week’s 4.45 Firmware that started bricking people’s PS3s. There’s no word on what the problem was but a new update to resolve the issue is due on June 27th.

PS Vita system update 2.00 arrives today – here’s what you get

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at 11:13am November 20 2012
PS Vita Plus

PS Vita system update 2.00 will be going live to day apparently ‘paving the way’ for PS Plus support. It also bring with it enhanced email and web support and control customisation for PS1 games.

Every PS1 Classic now available on PS Vita. (All 129 of them)

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at 02:45pm August 28 2012
2 Crash Bandicoot

The PS Vita’s 1.8 firmware is now available and with comes a whole hell of a load of PS1 classics. Everything from Syphon Filter to Fear Effect, Silent Hill to Metal Gear

PS3 firmware update v4.20 tweaks power settings and headset options

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at 10:30am June 26 2012
firmware update

The new PS3 firmware update v4.20 should be deploying later today. The main change will be a new power-save setting that switches the machine off after an hour of inactivity. There will also be changes to the headset options and data management.

PS Vita firmware update v1.65 goes up, comes down again

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at 11:49am April 3 2012

The PS Vita system software update v1.65 recently went up, then came down again because of a ‘technical fault’ according to the EU blog.

New PS3 firmware update

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at 02:20pm February 16 2012

Apparently that’ll be ‘PS3 System Software Update v4.11′. There’s no hard info on what it actually does other than it will “improves certain aspects of system software”. Curiously it’s an optional install in the US and Canada but mandatory here in the EU. I’m going to hazard a guess it’s a localisation issue then.

PS3 Firmware Update V 4.1

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at 10:24am February 8 2012

The EU Blog has the latest info on the new firmware which is out later today. The biggest tweak will be the change from PSN to SEN accounts (it stands for Sony Entertainment Network, okay? That’s it on the special needs jokes). There’ll also be some browser improvements and – contain yourselves – a more accurate way to set the clock. YES! Check the EU blog for the full details.  

PS Vita gets video recording, maps and Mac OS compatibility

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at 11:15am February 6 2012

There’s a new 1.6 firmware update out on the 8th of February. As well as changing your PSN account to a SEN one, it adds video recording to the camera functionality and a new map app. The latter works like Google Maps, letting you plan routes, see satellite images and get local info. It will also make Sony’s Vita Content Management System Mac compatible. Apparently the Vita’s Home button will also turn blue when it’s…

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