Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy PS4 title listed by Amazon France

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at 11:39am June 10 2013

Square Enix’s much anticipated PS4 Final Fantasy game has been listed by Amazon France, before being swiftly removed again to the sound of rapped knuckles and torn non-disclosure agreements.

Japanese pop starlet designs ultra skimpy Final Fantasy XIII-2 costumes

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at 03:01pm November 10 2011

We’re not ones to turn down the chance to run a semi game-related story, which features pictures of pretty Japanese girls. So in that spirit, here’s Japanese pop princess Yuko Oshima (of AKB48 fame) posing with drawings of costumes she designed for Final Fantasy XIII-2…

Final Fantasy XIII-2

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at 03:08pm November 3 2011
Final Fantasy XIII-2 Serah

You don’t get direct Final Fantasy sequels often – hardly ever, actually. There’s been one to date, in the form of FF X-2. It scored pretty well and racked up a few awards, but wasn’t without its problems – the lighter shift in tone and shallower gameplay annoyed hardcore FFers. So how’s Final Fantasy XIII-2 shaping up?

Final Fantasy XIII-2 to get 2 DLC updates per month

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at 05:52pm October 11 2011

Good news for anyone who likes bonus content, preposterous franchise naming conventions and chocobos. Final Fantasy XIII-2 is going to get two DLC packs every month, according to producer Yoshinori Kitase.

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