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FIFA 13 tips: buy the ultimate team for career mode that costs less than £50 million

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at 09:00am January 24 2013

Are you working on a budget in FIFA 13′s career mode? Don’t fret. With our fiscally savvy splurges in the transfer market you’ll be able to construct a title-challenging side for less than the amount Chelsea frittered away on Fernando Torres.

FIFA 13: Ultimate Team coin exploit fixed. Cheaters perma-banned

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at 10:56am December 6 2012
FIFA ultimate team coin glitch

EA took FIFA: Ultimate team off offline this week to deal with a, “very small number of users attempting to gain an unfair advantage by manipulating coins”. Those players have now been permanently banned and the game fixed to “restore a level playing field”.

FIFA 13 PS3 patch incoming: fixes invisible ball glitch, career mode freeze and disconnect issue

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at 12:39pm December 4 2012
FIFA 13 invisible ball glitch

I don’t play or follow football but even I can understand that ball visibility is something quite high on the agenda as a rule. So this upcoming FIFA 13 patch is probably quite welcome.

How to get 10 easy FIFA 13 Trophies

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at 10:05am November 5 2012
Easy FIFA 13 trophies

As any true trophy hunter knows, there are shortcuts to almost every shiny prize out there and FIFA 13 is no exception. As a rule of thumb, setting the difficulty easy and lowering the sliders to make the AI play like a bunch of hungover Sunday League players is your quickest route to a lot of offline games. For ten you might be struggling with we’ve discovered some quick fire ways to grab the glory, so read on to pick these up today…

FIFA 13 update fixes connection issues, freezes and other things

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at 11:39am October 11 2012

FIFA 13 is getting its first major update with connection and freezing issues top of the agenda. EA say it’s “been working extremely hard to prioritize and address the items that have been brought to our attention”.

FIFA 13 tips: our guide to the best teams in career mode

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at 09:57am October 11 2012

Our FIFA 13 tips will guide you through the game’s best teams to play with in career mode, whether you’re looking for a squad of talented youngsters or the fastest side in EA’s soccer sim.

FIFA 13 vs PES 2013 face comparisons: which looks better?

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at 10:27am October 4 2012

For most, the annual footy battle between FIFA and PES comes down to gameplay – but not for everyone. Some fans base their decision of which game to back purely on visuals, lest their long-term enjoyment be affected by the wrong gel being applied to Joe Hart’s hair, or Franck Ribery looking like a male model. For that reason alone we’ve put together this (literal) face-off between the pair – comparing the in-game likenesses of some of the greatest players on the planet. And Gervinho.

Tesco opens extra stores for midnight FIFA 13 launch

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at 02:54pm September 27 2012

Advertorial: Be one of the first in the UK to pick up FIFA 13 tonight.

FIFA 13 PS3 review – tweaked in all the right places

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at 10:15am September 21 2012

Joel examines the annual sports giant that is FIFA 13 on PS3, examining the new first touch control, reigned-in tactical defending and those addict-o-mini games. Has EA built another winning XI this year?

FIFA 13 preview: career mode, new transfer system,mini-games and more

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at 10:28am September 10 2012

With just 18 days until FIFA 13′s release date (here in Europe anyway) we dissect EA Sports’ soccer thoroughbred, putting career mode, mini games and the new transfer system in various petri dishes, dabbing the iodine of critical analysis on them and assessing its chances of fending off PES 2013 for best footie game of 2012.

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