FIFA 12 is the latest football offering from EA Sports, due for UK release on 30th September 2011.

FIFA: 10 of the funniest (and most disturbing) glitches

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at 09:49am August 21 2012
FIFA 12 glitch PS3

Here are ten of FIFA 12′s most beautifully broken moments. We love FIFA, but that player impact engine certainly throws up some bizarre on-pitch occurrences that’d result in players at least getting a severe fine and a lewd conduct disciplinary, and at the worst, breaking every single bone in their bodies. Observe.

FIFA 13 tips: 5 FIFA 12 tactics you’ll need to relearn

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at 10:00am June 28 2012
1 - FIFA 13 1st touch control

Though we’ve been spared the usual summer footy drought thanks to both real life and PS3 Euro 2012, it’s still that time of year when we start itching for the new season. So before you place that FIFA 13 pre-order, make sure to read these tips on how you’ll have to adjust your FIFA 12 tactics to win at EA’s latest soccer sim.

FIFA 13 screens and info: 6 reasons why it’ll keep its virtual title

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at 08:59am May 15 2012
4 - FIFA 13 player impact

EA’s footy goliath is back with FIFA 13 having undergone a mega Man City-style transfer splurge. New recruits include a totally reworked first touch system, tactical free kicks and major tweaks to the Player Impact Engine. Read on to find out why we think it could already have next season’s title sewn up.

FIFA 2012 Euro DLC interview: producer Sebastian Enrique answers all your questions

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at 05:00pm April 24 2012
FIFA 2012 euro ps3 dlc

We chat to FIFA 2012 Euro DLC producer Sebastian Enrique to find out all about what’s in the new football add on.

FIFA Euro 2012 PS3 – 7 reasons why it’s a must get on release

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at 09:00am April 20 2012
euro 2012 ps3 preview

To celebrate EA’s excellent Euro 2012 on PS3, which comes in the form of some reasonably-priced FIFA 12 DLC, we’ve assembled some reasons why it’s a must get on release.

FIFA 12 Ultimate Team guide for obsessives

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at 12:52pm March 13 2012
fifa 12 ultimate team

Want tips for buying and trading players cheaply in FIFA 12 Ultimate Team? Then read the following obsessive monologue to find out the depths one man will plunge in search for a mythical black Argentinian wonder player… 

FIFA 12: The Harry Shovel Diaries – Part 7

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at 04:28pm January 26 2012
harry shovel

This week footy journalist Iain MacIntosh’s fictional FIFA 12 Southend United management career hits a bump as gaffer Harry Shovel meets an inquisitive journalist with some tricky questions about his… unusual motivational techniques.

FIFA 12 is all-time highest-grossing PS3 sports game

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at 01:07pm January 23 2012
FIFA 12 Ultimate Team PS3

Cemented by its fifth week at the top of the UK charts, FIFA 12 has now outsold any previous FIFA game – or any other sports franchise in gaming history. It beat Skyrim to the top of this week’s charts at number two, Ubisoft’s Just Dance 3 in third, and the two shooters – Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 in fourth and fifth respectively.  FIFA 12 might have made…

Monday’s PS3 video round up

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at 12:31pm January 23 2012

Prepare to have those ocular type holes in your head drilled full of PS3-related video goodness. In this week’s round up, we have hundreds of Skyrim cows hurtling down a mountain, Resident Evil 6′s trailer minus all the talky melodrama and someone playing Red Dead Redemption on PlayStation Vita.

FIFA 12: The Harry Shovel Diaries – Part 6

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at 03:43pm January 12 2012
Screen shot 2012-01-12 at 3.33.29 pm

He’s back. Football journo Iain Macintosh returns to apply his unique take on team motivation in FIFA 12′s career mode in the first of this year’s Harry Shovel diaries. This instalment sees a novel tip for those struggling to clarify the offside rule.  He called me into his office. Can you believe that? Can you believe the temerity of the man? I haven’t got time to be getting called into people’s offices, even if they do own…

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