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Sony says The Order 1886 is “coming later in the year”, tying with previous Autumn release date

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at 12:38pm January 30 2014
The Order 1886 ps4 screen

Sony UK MD Fergal Gara has mentioned The Order 1886 as “coming later in the year” matching a previous Autumn release date suggested by tweets between Sony Santa Monica and Ready At Dawn.

You can now buy a PS4 & PS Vita bundle for less than £500. Soft bundles due from retailers

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at 04:15pm November 28 2013
ps ps vita bundle

Sony has announced the PS4 & PS Vita bundles that weren’t going to happen, then might, now do totally exist. They’re only available at a few locations with the combos expected to cost no more than £499.

PlayStation’s future as an online service is, “a good way of putting it”, says Sony. “We’re more about a brand than a box”

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at 10:29am October 11 2013

I recently sat down with Sony UK boss Fergal Gara at Eurogamer Expo to talk PS4, Sony and in particular the moves the company is making towards providing a range of services rather than just a box. In particular the acquisition of cloud gaming via Gaikai, the media streaming PS Vita TV and the claim by Shuhei Yoshida that Sony’s “ultimate goal [is] to deliver PlayStation games to all devices”.

PS4 & Vita bundle: “The concept is becoming more real by the week” say Sony

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at 11:23am October 1 2013
Vita remote play

A little while back Sony stated it had “no firm plans” to bundle PS4 and PS Vita in the same box. A few week’s on and it looks like things might change thanks to, “consumer reaction and an upsurge in Vita sales,” following Gamescom.

Killzone Shadow Fall will be a 50GB download, Sony promise “the network will perform better”

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at 04:16pm September 30 2013
Killzone Shadow Fall multiplayer details & screens

Sony has revealed the digital version of Killzone: Shadow Fall will clock in at 50GB, a good indicator of what the world of downloads will be like on PS4. Recent issues faced by the PSN version of GTA 5 aren’t encouraging but Sony promise “big innovations” on PlayStation 4 to make things smoother.

Sony boss on PS4/Vita bundle: “No firm plans at this stage to put the two together in one box”

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at 01:13pm September 3 2013
PS4 retail

Sony’s Fergal Gara has put the dampeners on previous rumours of a PS4 and Vita bundle saying the company has, “No firm plans at this stage to put the two together in one box”. The “at this stage” bit does however leave a shred of hope for future deals.

Sony on PS4 pre-order shortage: “We are looking at a sell-out situation, which is a good problem to have”

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at 11:25am August 22 2013
PS4 retail display

Sony’s UK VP and MD Fergal Gara has spoken on the PS4 pre-order shortage stating numbers are “higher than we’ve ever seen in 20 years”. The decision to restrict day one deliveries has been to “help retailers manage customers expectations and not let them down”

Sony on PS4, “a strong install base is very important” but PS3 “is here for some time to come”

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at 11:46am July 15 2013
PS4 retail display

Sony’s Computer Entertainment VP Feral Gara has said it’s important PS4 ensures a strong early install base, but also insists the PS3 still has some life in it despite a lack of 2014 games.

Sony on Vita: “it’s a PS4 in your pocket. Gamers will tell us how it’ll evolve by how they use it”

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at 12:15pm June 24 2013
Vita remote play

Sony Computer Entertainment UK boss Fergal Gara has been explaining more about the relationship between PS4 and PS Vita. Specifically he’s detailed how the, “video coder chip inside PS4 is a low-overhead facility” that means he expects, “the vast majority of PS4 games [will be] quickly and easily enabled for PS Vita”.

Fergal Gara on what PS Plus gets you on PS4 – a better network and cross game chat (finally)

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at 12:42pm June 17 2013

At E3 Sony Computer Entertainment UK boss Fergal Gara spoke more about PS Plus on PS4, the move to a paid online service and how cross game chat is so on this time.

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