E3 2014 – the conference times, the games, and everything else you need to know

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at 11:56am June 9 2014

E3 2014 is upon us. Hope you’re all stocked up on triple espressos, because the next couple of days are about to get pretty wild. There are conferences from Sony and Microsoft to analyse and digest, in addition to the other major publisher show floor demos. Here’s everything you need to know about the coming days, including conference times and the games we’re expecting appearances from.

OPM issue 98 out this Tuesday

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at 10:50am June 9 2014

Hi folks – time for a quick update on the latest issue. We’ve had to delay copies of #98 at the last minute on account of a particular unannounced game inside. That’s the bad news.

The Last Of Us PS4 release date confusion, Batman: Arkham Knight delayed and Homefront: The Revolution news – PlayStation round up

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at 04:54pm June 4 2014
The Last of Us PS4

Another day, another dollar…and a PlayStation round up while you’re at it. Today, we’re here with Batman delays, a whole heap of confusion regarding when The Last Of Us: Remastered on PS4 is actually out and news of an upcoming Homefront: The Revolution feature in the mag.

Homefront 2 on PS4 announced? Site listing points to new-gen shooter sequel with Crytek at the helm

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at 12:41pm June 2 2014

Boxart for Homefront: The Revolution, Crytek’s sequel to Kaos’ 2011 FPS Homefront, has appeared online on Swedish website FZ…

Buy a PS4 for £300, FIFA 14 FUT World Cup delayed and Watch Dogs PS4 uPlay issues – PlayStation round up

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at 04:44pm May 29 2014

Quick! Lets all help make the internet explode, because an online outlet is currently selling PS4 for £300. SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY! Elsewhere in today’s PlayStation round up there are more tidings of gloomy Watch Dogs uPlay issues and a delay for FIFA 14′s Ultimate Team World Cup mode. Ah well, at least it gives little Luis’ knee knack more time to heal.

New Hitman PS4 info, Battlefield Hardline announced and new Order: 1886 PS4 screenshots – Daily PlayStation round up

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at 04:31pm May 28 2014

With fresh new-gen Hitman info (including the first official piece of concept art), EA announcing a new Battlefield game and new screens of The Order: 1886, which give you the best look yet at Ready At Dawn’s AAA PS4 exclusive, we’ve got quite the PlayStation round up for you today.

The Order: 1886 delayed. The Evil Within delayed. Every damn thing delayed! Also, Battlefield 5 news – Daily PlayStation round up

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at 05:23pm May 27 2014
The Evil Within PS4 screens

Delays. So many delays. Following The Witcher 3… and The Elder Scrolls Online… and Dying Light… and The Division, both The Order: 1886 and The Evil Within have been pushed back. Curse you, Father Time! Ah well, at least we’ve got some Battlefield 5 PS4 murmurings for ya.

Watch Dogs PS4 review in progess: Editor’s note

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at 11:34am May 27 2014
watch dogs PS4 screens

Happy Tuesday everyone. We understand a lot of you want to know what the score for our Watch Dogs PS4 review is, but the truth is, we don’t yet know – we haven’t even got our copy yet…

Watch Dogs’ map revealed, Minecraft PS4 release date announced, plus Driveclub engine gushing – Daily PlayStation round up

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at 05:22pm May 22 2014
minecraft 2

Step forth for some semi-freshly served, PlayStation-focused news. In today’s round up, there a glimpse at Watch Dogs’ Chicago map, Minecraft gets a release date on PS4 and Evolution Studios talking about how Driveclub’s engine should see them through until PS5. Yes, we did just type those two letters and that number together.

Wolfenstein: The New Order PS4 review – Nazi blaster gets it all Reich on the night

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at 04:38pm May 21 2014

Who do you think you are kidding Mr Hitler? If you think we’re on the run. We are the boys who will stop your little gam… AHHH! STOP SICCING YOUR MASSIVE ROBO DOG ON US!

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