First screen of new COD game emerges, Puppeteer coming to Plus and Chinese cone game censorship – daily PlayStation news round up

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at 05:02pm April 23 2014
Call of Duty 2014

Call of Duty dominated the news today as an impressive in-game screen made its way from Sledgehammer’s GDC presentation into the wilds of the internet. But it hasn’t all been close-ups of soldiers’ pores – there’s also news of the May Instant Game Collection titles including Puppeteer and Payday 2, and China’s censorship directives for console games.

Grid Autosport announced for PS3, as new PS4 H1Z1 footage leaks – daily PlayStation news round up

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at 05:06pm April 22 2014

You ate all the Easter eggs, right? Don’t worry: we judge not around these parts, especially when there’s so much PlayStation news to get through. In what’s been a busy few days for both PS4 and PS3 alike, we’ve seen Codemasters announce Grid Autosport, a key member of Naughty Dog depart for pastures new and fresh footage of potentially incredi zombie ‘em up H1Z1 for PS4 stagger out of the deepest, darkest corners of the interwebs.

It’s finally happened: Snoop Dogg soon available as Call of Duty Ghosts DLC

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at 12:33pm April 16 2014
Snoop Dogg Call Of Duty Ghosts

Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr, aka Snoop Doggy Dogg, aka Snoop Lion, aka Money Snoopermarket, has agreed to lend his unique voice talents to Cizzle of Dizzle: Ghizzles. Priced at $2.99 (UK pricing TBA), the pack will unlock treats such as “Squad member active – a brother from another mother” and “Homies out the joint, it’s party time” for your listening pleasure as you play. Best of all, Snoop’s done a mega-awkward promo video for it. Take a peek.

16 new Batman Arkham Knight PS4 screens show what next-gen is really capable of

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at 12:02pm April 16 2014
Batman Arkham Knight 4

Rocksteady knows how to take a screenshot. Normally we’d file these Batman: Arkham Knight screens under B for ‘bullshots’, but having seen how representative previous Arkham games’ shots have been of the final version – and more importantly having seen Arkham Knight actually running in barely believable fidelty – we’re inclined to take these new snaps at face value.

Gamefly lists The Last Of Us Remastered on PS4 with June release date

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at 10:56am April 16 2014
The Last of Us PS4

Digital retailer Gamefly might have just leaked The Last Of Us Remastered’s PS4 release date. The online store page states a June 20th shipping date for the game, which is more specific than Sony and Naughty Dog are being about it.

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil PS3 review – familiarity dims the magic of the cup

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at 04:57pm April 15 2014

I seem to be starting most of my conversations with these five words lately, but here goes anyway: in a recent Reddit thread, Americans were asked what they like best about Europe. Some said the abundance of historical architecture. Some said the chips. And one said “The electric feeling in the streets of a country whose team is currently playing in the Euro or World Cup.”

Sucker Punch explains how it used PS4′s 8GB RAM in inFamous: Second Son

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at 01:00pm April 15 2014
infamous second son new powers

Remember how excited we were in February 2013 when Sony showed us all those slides at the PlayStation 4 reveal? The ones about 8GB GDDR5 memory and suchlike? Sucker Punch’s inFamous: Second Son ‘engine post-mortem’ slideshow from GDC 2014 shows you how developers actually use the hardware beneath the PS4′s exterior. In short: it really likes having this much RAM.

These guys play Half-Life faster than your brain can process – 20:41 speedrun

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at 12:27pm April 15 2014
Screen shot 2014-04-15 at 12

Holy Dooley, that’s a lot to take in. This team of speedrunners just set a new world record for the fastest completion of Half-Life – in just 21 minutes and 41 seconds. It’s so quick, it doesn’t even look like a game anymore.

Dead Nation coming to PS Vita this week, Cross-buy enabled for PS3 owners

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at 12:01pm April 15 2014
Dead Nation

Sony has announced that top-down zombie shooter Dead Nation will release on PS Vita this Wednesday 16th April, and owners of the PS3 version will get free access to it via the magic of Cross-Buy.

This Child of Light Trailer is the most soothing thing you’ll see today

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at 11:23am April 15 2014
Child of Light PS4

If like this writer you have a big crush on Rayman Legends & Origins’ distinctive visual style, this Child of Light trailer is your nectar. The game’s build around the same UbiArt Framework engine that powered the limbless one’s last two magnificent adventures, but unlike Ray it’s a side-scrolling RPG with an eye on Studio Ghibli’s output.

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