10 reasons PS4 will beat PS3 from day one – prepare to want one even more

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at 01:33pm August 10 2013
Amazon PS4

If you haven’t yet realised just how much of a leap the next generation of PlayStation is going to be, allow us to be your guide. We outline the things PS4 is doing differently and the tech that’s going to make your PS3 feel old real fast.

9 big game franchises that need PS4 – series that’ve run out of tech or ideas on current gen

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at 11:17am August 7 2013
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The next generation is ushering a whole new world of tech, and for some games it’s not a moment too soon. These are the titles that might have rinsed PS3 dry, or simply used up all the ideas going on current gen. Because of they need PS4, either to refresh a franchise or to breath new life into a tired series.

9 new IPs that prove it’s not all sequels

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at 09:49am May 14 2013

Gunshooter 2, Sword Man 5, Medpack Eater 9. It can all get a bit tiresome, can’t it? Here’s our list of new games looking to change things up a bit.

Dishonored guide: 8 tips to help clear your name

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at 05:00pm October 8 2012
Dishonored PS3 screens

Get a head start on Dishonored with a few tips to get you head of the game fast. It’s already looking like a game of the year so make sure you the most from it with our guide.

Dishonored’s art team discuss creating Dunwall, “We wanted to get far away from fantasy”

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at 01:00pm September 25 2012

We recently had the chance to chat to art director Sebastien Mitton and head of Visual design Viktor Antonov about the art and design of Dishonored. What were their inspirations? Why is it so stylised and more.

8 of the best PS1 classics that shaped PlayStation history

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at 09:40am September 5 2012

Settle down class, and welcome to a PlayStation history lesson. We look at the games that helped the PS One rise to dominance.

Hitman: Absolution PS3 gameplay preview and screens

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at 04:49pm January 11 2012
Hitman absolution ps3 new screens

It’s taken a while but I’m starting to come round to Hitman: Absolution’s Arkham Asylum/Splinter Cell reboot. Just don’t call it that to IO because gameplay director Christian Elverdam won’t have any of it. “No. It’s still the same universe, the same character, it’s picking up after Blood Money”. He might reject the word ‘reboot’ but, having seen all new PS3 gameplay previewed, there’s no escaping that this is all…

The biggest PS3 games that will change 2012

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at 01:01pm January 9 2012
GTA 5 PS3 screens

This is always the most exciting part of a console generation. The part when all the technology is sussed out, the developers (barring Bethesda) no longer have to spend 18 months faffing around trying to make a PS3 game work, and everyone can just concentrate on piling all of their efforts into the creative side. Whatever tech the next gen might bring, it’s always this latter part of a previous…

The Last Of Us trailer analysis: 10 things it tells us about the gameplay

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at 04:12pm January 6 2012
the last of us wallpaper

“Keep watching the trailer over and over again. [There are] lots of clues and little teasers in there about what the game’s about.” Said Naughty Dog’s Evan Wells to the EU Blog shortly after The Last Of Us debut trailer was released at the Spike VGAs. Taking him at his word, that’s exactly what we’ve done, and although the video throws up more questions than answers (as these things tend to do) there are plenty…

Twitter gaming round up

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at 12:05pm October 25 2011
Uncharted 3

Please forgive us this impending piece of obnoxious internet speak… but ZOMG! It’s Indiana Jones playing Uncharted 3! Yes, the now free bus pass-eligible Harrison Ford gets hands-on with his digital spiritual son in a Japanese video. In other gaming-focused tweets, we’ve got a picture of Yoshi OnoChin’s tiny Blanka getting stuck in to some fine Japanese nosh, hideous painted skulls and, well, have a look…

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