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What is Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon? The screens look amazing but what the Hell is it supposed to be? We look at the evidence

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at 04:16pm April 5 2013
Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon screens

Here are some new Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon screens showing off more of its brilliantly kitch 80s sci-fi charm. But what on earth is it? We’ve saw one Far Cry Blood Dragon screen leak yesterday, now there are more.

First Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon DLC screen – appears to be a cheesy sci-fi film shooter homage

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at 04:22pm April 4 2013
blood dragon far cry 3

This screen flashes up for a few frames at the end of the latest Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon trailer. The game’s been teasing a heavy retro feel with the cover art and music tracks all hinting at an 80s influence. The trailer even starts with the sound of a VHS cassette being used.

10 questions for Far Cry 3′s lead writer Jeffrey Yohalem – Prince Of Persia, Assassin’s Creed dreams and acting aspirations

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at 05:52pm March 21 2013

We chat with the Far Cry 3 scribe who conjured those deranged ramblings for the gob of Vaas.

Far Cry 3′s Vaas started life as ‘Bull’, actor led evolution to final character

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at 02:25pm January 11 2013
Vaas original

It’s been mentioned before that Ubisoft redesigned Far Cry 3′s Vaas around Michael Mando, the actor who played him. But it’s only when you see the original concepts that you realise just how much he evolved.

Far Cry 3 gets exclusive PS3 High Tides DLC

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at 03:19pm December 4 2012
Far Cry 3 high tides

Far Cry 3 will be getting two PS3 exclusive co-op chapters as part of the High Tides DLC pack. The extra installments, called Jailbreak and Redemption, will, “take place where the original six co-op chapters left off”.

Far Cry 3 co-op trailer: PS3′s shootiest holiday bromance

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at 02:23pm November 28 2012
Far Cry 3 co-op

Here’s a new multiplayer trailer for Far Cry 3 demonstrating its co-op mode, allowing four players to buddy up and raise hell in 2012′s most exciting (and literal) sandbox.

Far Cry 3 interview – talking tigers, trouble in paradise and sandbox shooting

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at 02:43pm November 27 2012

As you can read in our Far Cry 3 PS3 review, Ubisoft’s tropical sandbox shooter is one of the best open-world games of the generation. We recently sat down with lead game designer Jamie Keen and producer Dan Hay who reveal the work that goes into making a AAA shark-punching, tiger wrasslin’, slightly psychotic FPS masterpiece.

Far Cry 3 PS3 review and gameplay video – first-person open-worlders: you wish you were here

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at 05:00pm November 21 2012
Far Cry 3 PS3 E3 2012

It may not be as life-sapping and epic as Skyrim, but it’s also not broken. It may not have the atmosphere of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, but it has far greater variety and more accomplished gameplay. And it may not have the compelling co-op-based looting of Borderlands 2, but the story blows Gearbox’s four-way out of the crystal-clear water. And, as such, Far Cry 3 is the best open-world first-person shooter on PS3.

Far Cry 3 multiplayer trailer

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at 05:46pm November 20 2012
Far Cry 3 screens new

Get to grips with Far Cry 3′s multiplayer with this trailer that explains game modes, barrel bombs and stuff like battle cries. Our Far Cry 3 review will be up tomorrow and we’ll also have some gameplay videos of the single player in action.

Far Cry 3 screens show how holidays go bad

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at 10:59am November 14 2012
Far Cry 3 screens

Here are a few Far Cry 3 screens showing the progression from ‘fun holiday island’ to ‘crazy people want to kill us while animals eat our face’.

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