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Fallout dev explains why Skyrim doesn’t work on PS3. “Engine-level issue”

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at 01:16pm December 5 2011
Skyrim broken on PS3

Someone over at IGN noticed a dev talking about the PS3 memory issues with Bethesda’s game engine. Josh Sawyer is project director at Obsidian Entertainment and worked on Fallout: New Vegas. He initially answers questions on that game before moving on to Skyrim. Even by Todd Howard’s own admission Skyrim is a “similar tech game”. So essentially: what didn’t work in New Vegas doesn’t work in Skyrim.

Golden Joystick Awards 2011: Fallout: New Vegas wins best RPG

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at 03:23pm October 21 2011
Fallout New Vegas 2011 Golden Joystick awards

In the hotly contested best RPG category, Bethesda’s Fallout New Vegas blitzed the competition and claimed the spoils, finishing ahead of CDP Red’s The Witcher 2 Assasins of Kings in second, and EA’s Dragon Age II in third place.

Fallout: New Vegas review

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at 02:35pm September 12 2011
Fallout New Vegas

If you’ve been saving your bottlecaps since Fallout 3 but were unsure about the radioactive glow of New Vegas, breathe a dusty sigh of relief now: it’s every bit as good as its predecessor. Wasteland virgins might take slightly more convincing, but not much.

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