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F1 2013 PS3 review – Optional extras aside, this seasoned sim’s in its prime

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at 03:38pm October 7 2013

DRS-enabled overtakes, tyres that delaminate under the strain of harsh language, and the metronomic predictability of Seb Vettel smirking atop the podium at the end of each race weekend – it’s unlikely that anyone but the finger-waggling Red Bull driver himself will go on to call the latest season a ‘classic’. But what of F1 2013?

F1 2011 PS Vita review

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at 02:00pm February 20 2012
f1 2011 ps vita review

Here’s the quandary for any Formula 1 game – the sport attracts a special breed of hardcore fan so caught up in rear-blown diffuser measurements and 107% rulings that nothing short of an actual F1 car could ever sate their desires. Appealing entirely to these superfans is madness, because for the mainstream crowd your game becomes more unwelcoming than a cuddle with Bernie Ecclestone. A good F1 game lives and…

PS Vita’s launch titles: racing game roundup

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at 02:30pm February 16 2012
Wipeout 2048 PS Vita

Wow, it’s really not long now until PS Vita launches in the UK – February 22nd, in fact. As that date races towards us, let’s check out the Vita’s racing games lineup at launch. From sim to arcade, drifting to precision braking, F1 cars to hover-racers, the launch titles have racing pretty well covered.

PS Vita launch games reviews round up

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at 03:48pm February 13 2012
ps vita launch games reviews round up

PS Vita’s UK Feb 22 launch day is just around the corner. To celebrate the most powerful handheld in the history of all things, we’ve reviewed the majority of Vita’s launch titles right in the heck now. From a gushing Uncharted: Golden Abyss review to surprising verdicts for Little Deviants and ModNation Racers: Road Trip, our PS Vita launch games review round up has all your portable-purchasing bases covered.

F1 2011 PS Vita – our hands on impressions

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at 04:22pm December 20 2011
F1 2011 PS Vita

As the range of titles for Sony’s imminent new handheld grows by the second, we recently got some hands-on time with the PS Vita port of Codemaster’s F1 2011. Does it storm onto the scene and cruise past the competition like – sigh – Sebastian Vettel,  or lose a front wing and veer off track like naughty Lewis Hamilton? Let’s find out.

F1 2011 review

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at 04:28pm September 6 2011

After playing one of Codemasters’ F1 games you walk away understanding just how good everyone involved in the real sport must be. Those guys changing the tyres are the fastest tyre-changers in the world. Nobody pumps petrol better than the guy behind that hose. Nobody builds a more impressive machine than the guys in the factory back home, and nobody drives like the 24 drivers who take to the track…

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