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Mortal Kombat’s PS Vita devs talk touchscreen fatalities

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at 12:29pm January 20 2012
Mortal Kombat PS Vita

Fans of fighting on the move will be pleased to hear that NetherRealm’s creative director Ed Boon released some juicy details on Mortal Kombat’s migration to PS Vita. On the menu? More challenge towers, accelerometer controls, and performing fatalities with a few deft smears of the screen.

GT5 gamers place third in class at Dubai 24H

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at 04:05pm January 16 2012
GT Academy podium

If you read our post last week about the team of Gran Turismo Academy drivers taking part in the Dubai 24H race, maybe you’re curious about how they got on? Well, let me tell you – the lads brought home a third-in-class podium for Team GT Academy, and a hella lot of pride for PS3 racing gamers everywhere. Nice work you lucky, lucky lads.

Weekly PlayStation news round up 13/1/12

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at 06:38pm January 13 2012
Screen shot 2012-01-13 at 6.29.29 pm

Here’s your one stop shop for all the PlayStation news you could possibly want, with stories from us, and the EU Blog. If it happened on PlayStation then this is where you’ll find out about it. Black Ops 2, the PlayStation Game and Community Awards 2011 and amazing augmented reality football on PS Vita. Plus loads more. Check it out. 

GT5: Gran Turismo Academy drivers race in Dubai 24H

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at 02:38pm January 13 2012
Gran Turismo Academy PS3

Here’s some news courtesy of the EU blog to turn anybody with petrol-headed inclinations and a Gran Turismo 5 save file green with envy – four former gamers who earned their professional racing licenses through the Gran Turismo Academy programme will be taking part in the gruelling Dubai 24 hour race this weekend.

PS Vita Pocket Soccer puts FIFA on your coffee table

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at 10:08am January 12 2012
PS Vita Pocket soocer screen

Well, alright, it’s not quite FIFA or PES on PS Vita (and it’s definitely not Football Manager) but it’s a great bit of augmented reality tech. This video courtesy of the EU blog shows Pocket Soccer in action at CES 2012. It’s a free game (always the best) where you find a nice surface, whap out the six AR cards (that’ll come with PS Vita’) and turn anywhere you fancy into a subbuteo pitch,…

Weekly PlayStation news round up 2/12/11

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at 05:03pm December 2 2011

  Official PlayStation Magazine UK   If you love Nathan Drake (and who doesn’t?) we’ve a huge making of Uncharted feature where we interview lead designer Richard Lemarchand and Drake himself Nolan North. From the first idea to the latest game, it’s an essential read.   After all the issues of PS3 lag and patches, our Skyrim review is up. It’s… it’s not as good as it should be. There’s a GOTY of the…

PSN Christmas sale!

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at 10:35am November 30 2011

Christmas? Again? Didn’t we have one last year? Oh well… According to the EU Blog there’s a load of deals heading to the PSN to celebrate this year’s festive season. The 12 Deals Of Christmas starts tomorrow and there’ll be a new one every couple of days. 

Weekly PlayStation news round up 25/11/11

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at 04:55pm November 25 2011
Press x to Benton

So what’s been happening in the world of PlayStation this week? Here’s our handy round up so you don’t miss out. There’s Heavy Rain meets BENTON! How to get fit on PlayStation with a Move Fitness regime. BENTON! A look at the just announced PS Vita EU launch line up and plenty more, Jesus Christ… BENTON!     Official PlayStation Magazine UK If you’ve been questing this week then you…

Weekly PlayStation news round up

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at 05:18pm November 18 2011

Here’s this week’s PlayStation news round up from us, the EU Blog and Lots of Skyrim, Batman, Move gaming and even the first fifteen minutes of Tekken: Blood Vengeance. Plenty  of PlayStation to get you through the weekend.

Weekly PlayStation news round up

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at 05:36pm October 28 2011
Uncharted 3 Drake's Deception review

Here are all the big stories in the world of PlayStation this week. Uncharted reviews, Uncharted 4 something called GTA 5 and more. We also have a round up of the best stuff on both and the PlayStation EU blog.

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