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Mass Effect 3 review, Journey and Uncharted 3 DLC : the weekly PlayStation news round up 9/3/12

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at 05:34pm March 9 2012
playstation network

This month’s PlayStation round up has plenty of love for PSN with Journey behind the scenes videos and interviews, Starhawk beta updates and fresh info on Dust 514. There’s also our Mass Effect 3 review, details on Uncharted 3′s co-op shade survival mode DLC and plenty more. Have a great weekend.   Official PlayStation Magazine UK Meet the real Kara from Quantic Dream’s amazing PS3 tech demo, actress Valorie Curry. Find out more about…

Journey review, Killzone 3 and PS Vita: the weekly PlayStation news round up 3/3/12

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at 01:31pm March 3 2012
Killzone 3

There’s a couple of chances to find out more about Journey this week with our Journey review and a look behind the scenes with Thatgamecompany, you could win a trip to Iceland with Dust 514 and there are Jak And Daxter tips if you’re revisiting the trilogy in HD. We speak to Randy Pitchford about Aliens Colonial Marines. Read our Journey review to find out why this is an amazing…

Journey PS3 trophies

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at 05:04pm February 27 2012
Journey PS3 review

I’ve played Journey twice now and embargoes prevent me from saying why or how it’s amazing, only that it is. These trophies, 14 in all, could be seen as spoilers if you want to go into the game knowing nothing, so bear that in mind before you click on. 

Metal Gear Solid 5, Starhawk beta tips & PS Vita competition: the weekly PlayStation News round up 24/2/12

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at 04:57pm February 24 2012
Meta Gear Solid 5

Here’s this week’s essential round up of everything PlayStation. As you might guess there’s plenty of PS Vita stuff: including a chance to win one and a round up of PS Vita reviews. Then there’s Metal Gear Solid 5, some Starhawk beta tips and loads more. Make sure you don’t miss out.   Official PlayStation Magazine UK Whether it’s Metal Gear Solid 5 or Project OGRE, Hideo Kojima is sticking girls in a…

Uncharted’s Black Market, Darkness 2 tips and Skyrim lag: the weekly PlayStation News round up 17/2/12

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at 06:41pm February 17 2012
The Darkness 2 PS3 review

EU Blog Uncharted: Golden Abyss Opens The Black Market – To make it a little easier to collect all the Bounties, we created The Black Market. Jak And Daxter Trilogy Retrospective With Naughty Dog – Check out this a video highlighting some of the favorite memories, trials and tribulations while working on the franchise! Far Cry 3: A Look Behind the Scenes of a Mo-Cap Studio – Every mo-cap scene in an…

PS Vita launch line up, Metal Gear HD guide and Uncharted 3 DLC: the weekly PlayStation News round up

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at 05:40pm February 10 2012
metal gear hd guide uncharted 3 dlc Weekend Essentials 112 – Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning and Grand Slam Tennis 2 slam down onto PS3, while men in hockey pads and dudes in clown make-up take up the DC vigilante cause in Gotham City Imposters. Top Tips: Gotham City Impostors – Struggling to deal out Batarang-based justice in The Dark Knight’s city? Then read these essential crime-kiboshing (and chaos-causing, Joker fans) tips. Top Darts preview – Ever…

Syndicate demo, Twisted Metal and Gotham City Impostors beta: PSN Update1/2/12

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at 02:40pm February 1 2012

The new Syndicate demo, and betas for both Twisted Metal and Gotham City Impostors head up this week’s Store update. Mini Ninjas, and both Kane & Lynch 1 & 2 also arrive as £19.99 downloads. There’s also a whole heap of Metal Gear Solid avatars and a huge PSP sale, with a load of Final Fantasy and Sega stuff almost half price. More details over at the EU Blog.

PSN down Thursday and Friday

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at 02:29pm February 1 2012
Screen shot 2012-02-01 at 2.25.17 pm

The full info is over at the EU Blog. The PlayStation Network will be down from 14:00 on Thursday 2 February 2012 until 07:00 on Friday 3 February 2012. During that time you’ll be unable top access the Store or any account management, although you will be able to play online if you’re logged in before it goes down. Full details over at the EU Blog.

PlayStation news round up 27/1/12

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at 05:33pm January 27 2012
Nathan Drake wireframe

This week we’re making Reality Fighters on PS Vita about as real as it gets with a 6 foot AR card. We also meet The Karate Kid’s Mr Miyagi, who’ll be your sensei in the game. And we get some top GT 5 tips with a guide from this year’s Gran Turismo academy winner. There’s loads more as well so fill you boots with PlayStation news.   What Uncharted 4?s…

Doctor Who en route to PS3, monsters following close behind

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at 02:44pm January 23 2012
Doctor Who PS3

Mere weeks before the PS3 is graced by the timelord himself’s presence as Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock hits the PSN in March, BBC Worldwide and developer Supermassice Games have released a trailer to showcase gameplay, monsters, and carton-style platforming. And yes, Daleks are in there too.

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