New Sniper Elite 3 gameplay trailer, a new Morpheus VR project running un UnrealEngine 4, and Ghost Games talks about Need For Speed’s gap year – PlayStation news round up

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at 04:58pm May 7 2014
need for speed rivals

It’s been a great news day for anyone who a) is just quivering in anticipation of Sniper Elite 3, b) wants to see Kickstarter videos of Morpheus VR games presented by men whose eyes seem to be indiscriminately making love to everyone watching it, or c) feel stifled by the sheer volume of Need For Speed titles out there. For everyone else? Yeah, kinda slow.

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil PS3 review – familiarity dims the magic of the cup

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at 04:57pm April 15 2014

I seem to be starting most of my conversations with these five words lately, but here goes anyway: in a recent Reddit thread, Americans were asked what they like best about Europe. Some said the abundance of historical architecture. Some said the chips. And one said “The electric feeling in the streets of a country whose team is currently playing in the Euro or World Cup.”

Frostbite’s tech director is full of praise for PS4′s toolchain, apparently tried to implement inFamous: Second Son’s anti-aliasing into Battlefield 4

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at 03:07pm April 8 2014
battlefield 4

Frostbite Technical Director Johan Andersson took a minute to praise PS4′s C++ toolchain via Twitter, and also revealed that Dice had tried to implement SMAA T2X (the anti-aliasing inFamous: Second Son uses so damn well) in Battlefield 4, but found it too costly to frame rates.

Battlefield 4 players find an ENORMOUS shark in Naval Strike DLC

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at 02:32pm April 7 2014
Battlefield 4 megalodon

Look, I don’t like to use caps. But look at the size of that shark. It’s literally bigger than most of the small islands around it. It’s a legitimate Megalodon. Biblically terrifying. BF4 players found the beast after hearing rumours of its addition to the Parcel Storm map as part of the Naval Strike DLC. Lord knows how they discovered that in order to coax it out, ten players have to amass around a certain buoy, but by Jove they did it.

New Dragon Age Inquisition screens go big on dragons

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at 10:31am March 24 2014
Dragon Age Inquisition screens ps4

Some new Dragon Age Inquisition screens have appeared showing dragons, trolls and undead, as well as magical combat and a few new locations created using DICE’s Frostbite engine.

Mass Effect trilogy for PS4 “discussed” by Bioware internally

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at 11:08am March 3 2014
Mass effect 2

The possibility of a remastered Mass Effect trilogy on PS4 has apparently been “discussed internally” by Bioware, although there are no “solid plans” as yet.

Battlefield, Mass Effect, Dead Space, Need For Speed & Borderlands 2 going cheap in PSN sale

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at 12:32pm February 26 2014
Battlefield 4 PS3 review

There’s another PSN sale on, running from 26th February until 12th March. This time EA seem to be the focus with full games & DLC for Battlefield, Mass Effect, Dead Space, Need For Speed all discounted. Then, just confuse things, Borderlands 2′s tagged on the end as well for some reason.

DICE tweet first Star Wars Battlefront picture… Kind of

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at 05:08pm January 24 2014
Star Wars Battlefront

DICE has tweeted a picture of its sound designers “debating over that perfect sound” as they watch AT-ATs in the Empire Strikes Back. EA announced the studio was working on a new Star Wars Battlefront in June. The new instalment is a co-collaboration between Sweden and Los Angeles using the Frostbite 3 engine.

Battlefield 4 PS3 & PS4 versions patched, stability and balancing issues addressed

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at 02:40pm January 14 2014
battlefield 4 PS4 bugs

DICE has issued another spot of field medicine to revive its casualty of war (war = bugs), Battlefield 4. The latest update for PS3 and PS4 versions of the solo/multiplayer shooter, released Jan 14th, addresses balancing and stability issues, the Swedish developer says.

Dragon Age Inquisition fights back on PS4? Bioware’s RPG has more responsibility than ever

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at 11:50am January 3 2014
Dragon Age Inquisition ps4

Dragon Age Inquisition’s titular beast greets our arrival the old-fashioned way, with an operatic aerial bombardment of fire. As our character gets up, scraping together the remains of his health bar, we see the beast arc past a crag and begin its return sweep. Ahead lies a dusky temple – probably the kind that’s full of Darkspawn, but any port will do in a storm.

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