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2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil PS3 review – familiarity dims the magic of the cup

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at 04:57pm April 15 2014

I seem to be starting most of my conversations with these five words lately, but here goes anyway: in a recent Reddit thread, Americans were asked what they like best about Europe. Some said the abundance of historical architecture. Some said the chips. And one said “The electric feeling in the streets of a country whose team is currently playing in the Euro or World Cup.”

EA Sports UFC PS4 preview – Team Fight Night readies itself for its first scrap in the Octagon

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at 11:56am April 8 2014

There’s a moment in David Fincher’s Fight Club when Ed Norton’s character Jack takes on handsome, soft-faced Jared Leto in a no-rules basement scuffle – and smashes Leto’s angular cheekbones into paste. Jack’s justification, delivered while his opponent’s twitching on the floor? “I felt like destroying something beautiful.”

EA Sports UFC gets a release date and, um, Bruce Lee

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at 10:53am April 7 2014
Bruce Lee UFC

I mean, we’re not complaining or anything, EA. Bruce Lee’s just quite an unexpected roster addition to UFC is all. After a leaked image outed the sadly departed MMA legend as a pre-order bonus – along with a June 17 release date, the game’s creative director Brian Hayes explained the decision to include him: “It’s. Bruce. Lee.”

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil trailer teaches you new skills & celebrations

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at 10:24am April 7 2014
2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

Here’s a new trailer for FIFA’s upcoming standalone World Cup game on PS3. In it, you’ll learn a few additional tricks and celebrations for the most lithe and flamboyant of your players. And, sure, the instructions show the naughty buttons rather than ours, but let’s try to rise above it, we all know their equivalents by now anyway. In other news: 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil sounds like it was named by throwing magnetised words onto a fridge door to determine their order.

What does PS4 bring to FIFA 14?

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at 10:50am November 11 2013
FIFA 14: Dortmund vs PSG

Should you want to know how the PS3 version of EA Sports’ mammoth football franchise FIFA 14 has fared, wander over to our FIFA 14 PS3 review (hint: it’s really rather good). But if you’re more interested in all things shiny and next-gen (and we can’t blame you for that), then read on.

FIFA 14 PS4 hands-on preview: next-gen footy familiar like an England quarter-final exit

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at 09:00am October 23 2013
FIFA 14 - Milan shot

With no PES coming to PS4 as yet, EA’s mega-bucks football franchise is currently the only horse running in the next-gen title race. Even so – and thankfully – it’s not taking anything for granted, as our extended playtest with next-gen FIFA 14 demonstrates…

FIFA 14 vs PES 2014 face comparisons: which looks better?

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at 12:53pm September 30 2013

Which of this year’s football games does the best likenesses? Our experts (editor Ben Wilson, deputy editor Joel Gregory and news editor Dave Meikleham) look at 31 in-game recreations of the best players in the world to deliver the definitive verdict.

FIFA 14, new UFC & Madden titles, NBA Live 14 teased in EA Sports’ E3 2013 trailer

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at 12:34pm June 10 2013
EA Sports E3 2013 trailer

EA Sports’s E3 2013 trailer teases you with flashes of footage from its roster of next-gen titles – new Madden & UFC games, FIFA 14 and NBA Live 14. Expect a whole gym bag full of new info on all these games as E3 2013 unfolds.

FIFA 14 Ultimate Team confirmed for PS4

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at 09:59am May 23 2013
FIFA 14 pure shot

EA has confirmed that FIFA 14 Ultimate Team will be coming to PS4 after some confusion and misinterpretation following the Xbox One reveal.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 preview

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at 03:33pm January 21 2013
Tiger 14

The big cat returns to PS3 (yes, again) – and this year he’s going back to the future with the addition of old school players, night golf, and lady players.

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