E3 2012

My game of E3 2012: Dishonored – hand crafted by the best in the business

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at 05:00pm June 11 2012
Dishonored PS3 E3 2012

Impressive games weren’t thin on the ground at E3 2012, but I only had eyes for Dishonored. It’s due for an October 12th release date.

Dead Island 2 heading to PS3: Riptide to get summer reveal

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at 03:00pm June 11 2012
Dead Island Riptide

Deep Silver has announced Dead Island 2.Called Riptide you can expect more groaning nasties and excitingly squidgy weaponry in another holiday from hell.

Sacrilegium brings survival horror back to PS3 (hopefully).

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at 11:00am June 11 2012

A brand new survival horror on PS3, Sacrilegium is new from German developers Reality Pump Studios.

Watch Access at E3 on Youtube now

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at 02:27pm June 8 2012

f you want all the latest E3 game news and interviews – and a healthy dollop of E3 jealousy to go with it – look no further than these special episodes of Access on Youtube

Black Ops 2 E3 interview: key squad members “may live or die” based on your decisions

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at 01:18pm June 8 2012
Black Ops 2 PS3

Speaking to CVG at E3 2012, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2′s game director Dave Anthony revealed that your performance and decisions through the game will affect key cast member’s survival, and the outcome of the global conflict central to the story.

5 E3 games that prove we don’t need PS4 yet

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at 01:00pm June 8 2012
Watch Dogs E3 2012 PS3

E3 may not have given us even a hint of a PS4 announcement but these are the games that prove that the PS3 can still deliver everything we need.

My game of E3 – Assassin’s Creed 3 Liberation – Tiny Templars for Vita

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at 12:00pm June 8 2012
Assassin's Creed III Liberation

Yes, our second new Assassin in three months may have been overshadowed by her Native American counterpart’s spectacular swashbuckling adventures on the big screen – see, I told you it’s going to be epic – but the outing of our first ever female Assassin, Aveline De Grandpre is an absurdly exciting prospect.

Medal Of Honor Warfighter E3 screenshots take you back to the front

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at 10:47am June 8 2012
Medal of Honor Warfighter PS3 E3 2012_small

Fresh Medal of Honor Warfighter screenshots from E3 2012, using all the Battlefield 3 engine’s graphical wow factor. EA’s shooter is scheduled for an October 26 release date.

Hideo Kojima repeatedly “forced back” to MGS because of “problems”

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at 10:44am June 8 2012
Hideo Kojima interivew Project Ogre

In an interview at E3 Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima has admitted that MGS2 was meant to be his last game in the series, but problems with others portraying his ideas forced him back into the director’s chair.

E3′s 10 biggest surprises

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at 09:00am June 8 2012
e3 surprises

As this year’s show comes to a close here are E3′s 10 biggest surprises – the things we just weren’t expecting. For better or worse.

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