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13 Games So Bad You Have To Play Them

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at 12:46pm March 22 2012
13 games so bad you need to play them

So bad they’re good? Pah! Try so insanely awful they’re damn near essential. The following 13 games all manage to walk that fine line between being bad and being bad in an amazing, must-see way. Whether it’s through ultra-swears, cringe-worthy ‘sexiness’ or the virtual slaughter of feral gazelle, these are the PS3 titles so offensive, pathetic and hopelessly rubbish they demand to be played.

Where 2011 went wrong

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at 01:04pm December 29 2011

It’s been one of PS3’s best years ever, we’ve had Batman, Uncharted, Skyrim, Battlefield, Deus Ex and more. But no year is ever perfect, and 2011 tried its best to balance the good with the bad. Here are some of the worst crimes and downright disappointments of the past twelve months. We shouldn’t really complain in light of how many great games came out this year, but everyone loves a…

Duke Nukem Forever online review

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at 04:04pm August 17 2011
Duke Nukem Forever PS3 Review

Sorry folks, but Duke Nukem Forever online is even worse than the solo campaign. Stripped of the single-player’s set-pieces (and therefore any semblance of variety) the game hobbles along with only its core shooting for support.

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