Driveclub doesn’t have any microtransactions, design director promises

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at 03:44pm April 11 2014
Driveclub was originally the free PS Plus game for PS4's launch

Driveclub’s design director Paul Rustchynsky has offered reassurance to Driveclub fans in the wake of Trial Frontier’s microtransaction maladies, taking to Twitter to confirm the Evolution Studios PS4 racer won’t feature them.

Driveclub ‘TBA 2014′ say Sony’s, “sharing an update on release date in the weeks to come”

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at 04:47pm March 26 2014

Sony has published a list of every game coming to PS4 this year. A quick scan reveals that Driveclub is optimistically placed as “TBC 2014″. After going “back to the drawing board” and losing its director this is the first positive sign it’s coming out at all.

Driveclub going “back to drawing board” say Sony, “not announcing specifics” on release date

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at 11:30am March 11 2014

Driveclub has gone “back to the drawing board” according to Sony’s development head Scott Rohde. When asked about a release date for the delayed racer he responded “we’re not announcing any specifics on that yet”.

Drive Club release date 9th of April according to deleted tweet

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at 10:58am March 4 2014
drive club

Drive Club’s own feed apparently tweeted the April 9th release before immediately deleting it. Originally a PS4 launch game, the delayed racer’s had no firm date until now but plenty of rumours.

Driveclub marketing video explains branding & shows cars, June release date rumoured

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at 10:15am January 22 2014

While this apparently leaked Driveclub video focuses on branding – things like fonts, colours and typesetting – it is also full of cars and info on the community structure. A release date’s also been mentioned by a European magazine.

Driveclub release date to be announced “shortly” says Sony

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at 11:05am January 17 2014

Typical, you wait for ages for an ambitious, socially-driven AAA racer and then… eh, it gets delayed. Again and again. Still, it looks like Driveclub on PS4 will soon be getting an official release date.

Driveclub delayed, will miss PS4 launch in Japan

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at 10:41am January 16 2014

PS4 racer Driveclub has been delayed for long enough to miss the console’s February 22nd launch in Japan, with an official press release citing “various circumstances” as the cause for its slippage. That’s cleared that up, then.

Driveclub possibly getting Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Italian tracks

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at 12:13pm January 13 2014

A leaked developer showreel from Evolution Studios seems to suggest Driveclub on PS4 could soon be getting a bevy of tasty Italian Motors. Since the original story broke, though, the team has done its best to pour icy water on our overexcited bonnets.

Driveclub “early 2014″ release date could be soon going by this ERSB rating

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at 12:17pm January 8 2014

It looks like delayed PS4 racer Driveclub could be coming out fairly soon after being rated by the ERSB. That’s obviously not a cast iron guarantee but it’s a fairly good sign that Sony is in the last stages of release plans.

Driveclub PS4 preview – PS4′s horsepower leaves MotorStorm in the dust

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at 11:54am November 14 2013

It was going to jump-start next-gen racing, but instead Driveclub’s spending a bit of extra time in R&D, letting Need For Speed: Rivals take the plunge. It was never supposed to be this way: the Cheshire-based studio’s PS3 launch title, MotorStorm, signalled the first powerslides and barrel rolls of this generation, setting an impressive graphical benchmark along the way with giant draw distances, impressive motion blur (if a tad heavy-handed for modern tastes) and detailed damage modelling.

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