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Dragon’s Dogma 2 details mentioned by creator

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at 10:23am July 30 2012
Dragon's Dogma PS3 review

The first teasing bits of Dragon’s Dogma sequel info have been mentioned by the game’s creator Hideaki Itsuno. Speaking to Japanese games magazine Famitsu, Itsuno said that only about 60% or 70% of his ideas for the fantasy RPG made it into the finished game, and that the world size was also only about two thirds of what he intended.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 on the way: strong sales guarantee a sequel

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at 11:10am June 25 2012
Dragon's Dogma PS3 review

Capcom have announced that Dragon’s Dogma will be getting a sequel after setting a first week sales record in Japan for a new IP. As a result it’s going to developed into “a major franchise”.

A tale of Orange: Dragon’s Dogma’s unwanted daughter

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at 01:15pm May 31 2012
Dragon's Dogma PS3

She was meant to be my bodyguard. A sexy elf archer to protect me from the bad things in Dragon’s Dogma. Except I got the height wrong. Instead of a fearless warrior, ever so slightly modelled on Liv Tyler’s Arwen, I had a small girl. I called her Orange.

Dragon’s Dogma PS3 review

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at 12:19pm May 18 2012
Dragon's Dogma PS3 review

Is it Dark Souls meets Skyrim? Read our Dragon’s Dogma PS3 review to find out.

Dragon’s Dogma PS3 video preview

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at 01:32pm April 19 2012
Dragons Dogma ps3 video preview

Here’s Leon and Phil to discuss this sprawling monster hunting RPG from Capcom in our Dragon’s Dogma PS3 video preview. Is it Dark Souls meets Skyrim?

Dragon’s Dogma PS3 demo on EU Store April 25th

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at 04:17pm April 16 2012
Dragon's Dogma

Capcom have announced the Dragon’s Dogma PS3 demo will be on the EU Store April 25th. It’ll give you two classes to play with and let you go after both a Chimera and Griffin. You can read our Dragon’s Dogma preview for more on the gameplay.

Dragon’s Dogma PS3 preview: the strangest RPG of 2012?

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at 11:28am April 16 2012

Here’s our Dragon’s Dogma PS3 preview. Capcom’s latest blends gigantic boss battles, open world exploration, super-smart companions and rabbit-murdering into one hell of an odd RPG. And so far, odd is good.

Resident Evil 6 PS3 demo free with Dragon’s Dogma

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at 05:54pm January 31 2012

That’s how you dress up bad news. On the one hand Capcom has announced that Dragon’s Dogma is slipping back to a late May release. But on the other, when it does finally arrive it’ll include a token that’ll let you download a Resident Evil 6 demo. One slight downside, you’ll have to wait until September to do it on PlayStation. Ah well, give and take.

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