Skyrim Dragonborn DLC PS3 review – Taking flight on a chariot of fire

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at 07:12pm February 15 2013
Skyrim Dragonborn PS3 DLC screens

Life isn’t always easy when you’re Dovahkiin. I’ve saved the world from a dragon apocalypse, overthrown the Imperials as a key part of the Stormcloak rebellion, and rebuilt the Thieves’ Guild into a force to be reckoned with. So you could forgive me for wanting to take it easy. But no, now comes a largely enjoyable chunk of DLC that tasks me with taking on an evil pretender to my title.

Bethesda “hard at work” on Dragonborn Skyrim DLC on PS3, Hearthfire and Dawnguard to follow

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at 04:30pm December 6 2012
Skyrim Dragonborn PS3 DLC screens

Somewhat worryingly Bethesda say it’s “hard at work” on making Dragonborn available for PS3 next year. Not ‘ready’, or ‘getting it done’; hard at work. Like there’s still quite a big hill to climb even though there’s only a vague date that’s miles away. Encouraging.

Skyrim Dragonborn screens – get a look at the first PS3 DLC

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at 05:01pm December 3 2012
Skyrim Dragonborn PS3 DLC screens

Get a look at Dragonborn, the first Skyrim DLC to hit PS3. It’s due in “early 2013 and sees you travel to Solstheim to battle the first Dragonborn. These screens show off the new monsters, locations and more.

Skyrim actually getting PS3 DLC – Dragonborn releasing “early 2013″

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at 04:20pm December 3 2012
Dragonborn PS3 DLC

I know. DLC. Actual DLC. Bethesda have announced that the third Skyrim expansion pack, Dragonborn, will be coming to PS3 in “early 2013″. Making the grand PlayStation total one out of three. It’s a start.

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