Killzone Shadow Fall The Insurgent Pack DLC full details – new class, trophies, guns & modes

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at 11:26am April 2 2014
killzone shadow fall insurgent dlc pack details & info

Killzone Shadow Fall gets its first full paid for DLC today in the shape of the The Insurgent Pack. It costs £7.99 and Guerrilla has outlined everything it contains including a new class, trophies, guns and modes.

Killzone Shadow Fall Insurgent Pack DLC & free multiplayer map details

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at 12:56pm March 6 2014
Killzone Shadow Fall mutiplayer free access

Killzone Shadow Fall has got its first multiplayer DLC with the paid for Insurgent Pack (€9.99) adding new classes, weapons, skills and modes. There’s also two free maps.

New The Last Of Us DLC adds new singleplay difficulty, trophies & multiplayer content

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at 12:18pm March 3 2014
The last of us multiplayer screens

Naughty Dog has outlined plans for the final The Last Of Us DLC. The focus is mainly on multiplayer, with new maps, weapons & skills promised. There will also be “a brand new difficulty mode for the single player campaign”.

Killzone Shadow Fall multiplayer free-to-play this week, free map DLC tomorrow

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at 10:24am March 3 2014
Killzone Shadow Fall mutiplayer free access

Killzone Shadow Fall’s multiplayer will be free-to-play for a week starting today at 5pm PST, which I make 1am tonight. It’s to celebrate the first free map DLC which will be arriving tomorrow. You won’t need PS Plus to play it either.

GTA 5 & Online Business Update coming March 4th – new customisation, guns, cars & plane

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at 12:44pm February 28 2014
gta 5 online business update

Rockstar has announced the Business Update for both GTA Online and GTA 5, adding new customisation options, weapons, vehicles and a Vestra plane. The new content will be out March 4th

Batman Arkham Origins Cold Cold Heart DLC gets trailer & release date

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at 11:43am February 27 2014
Batman Arkham Origins DLC Cold Cold Heart

Batman Arkham Origins’ first DLC Cold Cold Heart has a trailer & release date. It’s out April 22nd and promises to “unearth the tragic origin story of Mr. Freeze” while featuring new bad-gadgets including the Batman Extreme Environment suit and Thermocharged Batarangs.

Outlast: Whisleblower DLC releasing on PS4 in April. Prequel promises to show “final chapter”

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at 12:47pm February 26 2014
Outlast Whistleblower DLC PS4

Red Barrels has confirmed a PS4 release date for Outlast’s Whisleblower DLC. The expansion will arrive in April and follow Waylon Park, a software engineer who’s emailed leak started the original game.

Bioshock Infinite Burial at Sea: Episode Two trailer *Spoilers*

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at 02:54pm January 28 2014
Bioshock Infinite Burial at Sea: Episode Two

Irrational has let out a snippet from Bioshock Infinite’s Burial at Sea: Episode Two DLC. This trailer’s only a couple of minutes long but there are spoilers here if you want to go in fresh. Not huge game-ruining ones but you have been warned.

Extended The Last Of Us Left Behind trailer expands plot, confirms Feb 14 release date

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at 05:18pm January 22 2014
the last of us left behind

An extended version of the The Last Of Us Left Behind trailer expands on the set up for the new DLC, and the relationship between Ellie and Reilly. It also confirms the February 14th release date previously hinted at in a listing.

Killzone Shadow Fall free multiplayer DLC details & screens, first expansion DLC also underway

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at 03:56pm January 20 2014
Killzone Shadow Fall free DLC

Bit late here due to being on holiday but worth a mention: the first screens and info for Killzone: Shadow Fall’s free DLC maps. Cruiser and Hanger are the initial offerings, “inspired by key locations from the single-player campaign”.

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