EA making Star Wars games. DICE, Visceral & BioWare “crafting epic adventures”

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at 11:45am May 7 2013

EA and Disney have announced a deal that well see three EA studios producing Star Wars games. DICE, Visceral and Bioware will be creating, “new experiences [that] may borrow from films, but all new stories and gameplay”

Epic Mickey 2 coming to PS Vita – release date ‘later this year’

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at 03:57pm March 18 2013
epic mickey 2 PS Vita

Disney have announced that Epic Mickey 2 is coming to PS Vita with a release date of ‘later this year’.

Epic Mickey: The Power of Two PS3 review – There’s a rabbit loose about this house

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at 11:45am November 19 2012
epic mickey the power of two ps3 review

Stepping into the world of Wasteland in the overly large shoes of the eponymouse himself is a lot like entering the gates of the Magic Kingdom. Although this is Walt’s rejected toy pile, full of all the Disney magic that never quite made the final cut, it’s an enormous universe that’s stuffed to the big ears with Technicolor charm and huge environments to explore.

Split Second: Velocity review

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at 12:06pm September 14 2011
Split Second: Velocity

Split Second was quite the shot in the racing genre’s bulging bicep when it arrived on the PS3 back in May. The cars are reduced to the status of supporting actors, and the real stars are the impressive feats of environmental destruction – exploding tankers, collapsing buildings, out-of-control jumbo jets – that unfold around the driving.

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