Dishonored screens

New Dishonored PS3 screens.

Dishonored: The Knife of Dunwall DLC screens & info – new power, gadgets & hero

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at 02:00pm March 13 2013
Dishonored: The Knife of Dunwall PS3 dlc

The first piece of Dishonored story DLC has been announced, The Knife of Dunwall. It adds new powers, locations and characters as you play as Daud, the man who killed the Empress. A concluding add on, The Brigmore Witches, has also been confirmed.

Dishonored concept art gallery. Art director Sebastien Mitton explains how a window cleaner on stilts inspired the game

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at 12:04pm October 19 2012
Dishonored concept art

Sebastien Mitton, Arkane Studios Art Director has released a few pieces of concept art explaining how the brilliant Dishonored came to be. From it’s origins based in 18th century London to how the Tall Boys, Whales and oil batteries all came from a window cleaner on stilts.

New Dishonored screens reveal Assassin Refinery. It’s probably fine

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at 02:13pm August 22 2012
Dishonored PS3 screens Assassin_refinery

Here’s bunch of new Dishonored screens showing a range of new enemies and locations. This one here for example is called Assassin Refinery. Hopefully they mean it’s a refinery with assassins in, not some sort of training school.

Dishonored PS3 screens show off masks and murder

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at 02:16pm August 6 2012
Dishonored PS3 screens

New Dishonored PS3 screens show off some masks, murder and new levels. Most of the images appear to be from a hit at a banquet with masked aristocracy the target. There’s also something that looks a lot like Tower Bridge.

Dishonored screens: looking luxuriously violent

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at 03:44pm June 29 2012
dishonored ps3 screens

Here are the latest Dishonored PS3 screens showing and attack on a house of ill repute called the Golden Cat.

Dishonored E3 2012 screenshots

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at 02:00pm June 6 2012

Bethesda has released 10 new E3 2012 gameplay screenshots for their stealth FPS Dishonored, which has a release date of October 12th.

Dishonored new PS3 screens feature magic whores… Sorry, magic *and* whores

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at 03:00pm April 26 2012
Dishonored PS3 screen

Here are some new Dishonored PS3 screens showing some new powers, locations and gameplay. Hands up who’s excited about it?

Dishonored PS3 screens and info

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at 12:17pm March 14 2012
Dishonored ps3 screens

New screens and info are out for the supernatural FPS Dishonored. The open world adventure follows Corvo, a royal bodyguard trying to clear his name after being accused of murdering a princess. Or not. There’s a real emphasis here on doing what you want with co-creative director Harvey Smith saying “You spend the rest of the game making things right, going after revenge, clearing your name – however you see it…

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