Dishonored review

Dishonored PS3 video review – why you should love this magic FPS

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at 03:42pm October 11 2012
Dishonored video review

Ahead of tomorrow’s release here’s a video review of Dishonored with OPM’s Phil to talk you through what he thought about the stealthy, supernatural FPS.

Dishonored PS3 review – many kinds of magic

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at 05:01am October 8 2012
Dishonored PS3 5

The genius of Dishonored is primarily evident in its flexibility. Example: it’s late in the game. You’ve specialised in a few abilities and you’re well-practised with them. A ten-foot armoured Tallboy soldier blocks your path, accompanied by two footsoldiers – you need to get to the building behind them. The stilt-wearing scumbag spots you and fires off an incendiary arrow. You stop time and leave the arrow suspended in the air, switch to your possession power with a flick of L2, occupy the Tallboy and walk him into the path of his own arrow. With time still paused, you hop back out and Blink up to a second-storey window, ready to unpause undetected and watch the fireworks.

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