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Warframe update 11.5 adds 20 trophies, Oberon warframe, new weapons, & customizable controls

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at 03:29pm January 27 2014
Warframe update

A new update is adding weapons, trophies & customizable controls to PS4′s free-to-play co-op shooter, Warframe. The patch also adds a Paladin Warframe, Oberon, weapon skins and level expansions.

Warframe PS4 review – Confusing, beautiful and free-to-play

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at 03:37pm January 20 2014

This is the strongest of all PS4’s free-to-play offerings: a four-player co-op shooter built around raids, base defence and occasionally just the sheer joy of killing everything around you. Warframe has a fascinating world of quasi-mythical sci-fi and unusual art design that creates something genuinely distinct around the Tenno – a band of mystical space warriors – as they battle with the lumpy and draconian Grineer.

Warframe is “absolutely a Day 1 title in Europe”

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at 10:17am November 8 2013
Warframe PS4

Sony’s recent PS4 FAQ launch game line up seemed to be missing a few games that had previously been touted for day one. One of those is Warframe, the free-to-play co-op online space ninja thing. I’ve just received word from Digital Extremes that, “It absolutely is a Day 1 title in Europe”.

Warframe dev on Dark Sector, “publishers thought Deus Ex was closest to the pitch & didn’t want to fund it”

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at 04:59pm November 5 2013
Warframe PS4

Digital Extremes’ game director Steve Sinclair has, “lifted the kimono” (his words) on the history behind Dark Sector and how publishing pressure took the game away from its original vision. A vision that’s set to return with the free-to-play Warframe on PS4.

Warframe PS4 screens – 1080p, co-op & free-to-play next-gen gaming

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at 11:48am June 6 2013
Warframe PS4

Here are a few screens for Warframe, a free-to-play co-op shooter heading to PS4. The (up to) four player game sees you fighting through a variety of mission types to earn money, XP and to upgrade the warframes – the semi-magical armour that grants various abilities and character classes.

Warframe coming to PS4 at launch – makes first mention of Touchpad controls

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at 11:33am June 6 2013
Warframe PS4

“Swipe your thumb up on the touchpad and you’ll charge like a battering ram into a group of helpless enemies”. It’s not much but it’s the first time a developer’s mentioned anything about using the PS4 Dualshock’s touchpad. Swiping? Who knew?

Star Trek: The Video Game PS3 review – More borked than borg. Movie tie-in references great games but can’t compete

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at 12:00pm April 26 2013
Star Trek the videogame ps3

To boldly go… where quite a lot of other games have been actually. Dead Space 2, Uncharted, Mass Effect, Batman – the creative sources here are obvious, creating an experience full of very familiar ideas. This is a well constructed and surprisingly varied experience but if you played anything, basically, in your life ever, then a lot will seem commonplace. It’s a competent shooter (and co-op adds a +1 because friends always make gaming more fun) but it’s rarely an exciting one. Satisfying rather than thrilling. Filling time rather than making it fly by.

6 Things I wish I’d known before playing The Darkness II

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at 12:58pm February 10 2012
The Darkness II

We know you’re keen to slip on the well-tailored suit of Jackie Estacado and unleash The Darkness to slice and dice your enemies, but before you do here’s a selection of tips and tricks we put together to help you get the most out the experience.

The Darkness 2 PS3 gameplay: the first 25 minutes of ripping and tearing

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at 01:00pm February 7 2012
The Darkness 2

Forget trailers, we’ve got a 25 minute video of The Darkness 2 gameplay in action. Nearly half an hour of PS3 gameplay from pressing start to transforming into a heart-eating, people-slicing angel of death. (We’ve also got a Darkness 2 prologue to explain the backstory if you missed the first game). There’s even some of the power ups and character progression skill tree in there too. It looks excellent, with quad wielding letting you crush, impale, cut…

The Darkness 2 video explains the old storyline

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at 01:00pm January 13 2012

In case you missed the first game, or didn’t play it, here’s a slightly unstable man freaking out as he explains The Darkness 2′s backstory. Short version: In the beginning there was light. This upset the Darkness so it messed a load of dudes up and turned into that guy from Faith No More. For the long version, watch the video.  (We’ve also got a 25 minute video of The Darkness 2 PS3 gameplay.)

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