Frostbite’s tech director is full of praise for PS4′s toolchain, apparently tried to implement inFamous: Second Son’s anti-aliasing into Battlefield 4

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at 03:07pm April 8 2014
battlefield 4

Frostbite Technical Director Johan Andersson took a minute to praise PS4′s C++ toolchain via Twitter, and also revealed that Dice had tried to implement SMAA T2X (the anti-aliasing inFamous: Second Son uses so damn well) in Battlefield 4, but found it too costly to frame rates.

Battlefield 4 players find an ENORMOUS shark in Naval Strike DLC

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at 02:32pm April 7 2014
Battlefield 4 megalodon

Look, I don’t like to use caps. But look at the size of that shark. It’s literally bigger than most of the small islands around it. It’s a legitimate Megalodon. Biblically terrifying. BF4 players found the beast after hearing rumours of its addition to the Parcel Storm map as part of the Naval Strike DLC. Lord knows how they discovered that in order to coax it out, ten players have to amass around a certain buoy, but by Jove they did it.

Battlefield 4 PS4 updates due end of the month – “stability improvements, tweaks, and fixes”

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at 12:33pm January 28 2014
Battlefield 4 review PS4

DICE has a new Battlefield 4 update heading to PS4 at the end of the month. There’s a range of “stability improvements, tweaks, and fixes” promised with “core gameplay balancing” and multiplayer enhancements mentioned as well.

DICE tweet first Star Wars Battlefront picture… Kind of

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at 05:08pm January 24 2014
Star Wars Battlefront

DICE has tweeted a picture of its sound designers “debating over that perfect sound” as they watch AT-ATs in the Empire Strikes Back. EA announced the studio was working on a new Star Wars Battlefront in June. The new instalment is a co-collaboration between Sweden and Los Angeles using the Frostbite 3 engine.

Battlefield 4 investigating PS4 Battlelog bug, Zero-downtime Update fixes numerous issues

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at 10:55am January 23 2014
battlefield 4 PS4 bugs

DICE are investigating an issue with Battlefield 4′s Battlelog not always opening on PS4. The current fix which “sometimes solves the issue” is basically to switch it on and off again. There’s also a new update fixing a range of minor, mainly cosmetic, issues.

Battlefield 4 PS3 & PS4 versions patched, stability and balancing issues addressed

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at 02:40pm January 14 2014
battlefield 4 PS4 bugs

DICE has issued another spot of field medicine to revive its casualty of war (war = bugs), Battlefield 4. The latest update for PS3 and PS4 versions of the solo/multiplayer shooter, released Jan 14th, addresses balancing and stability issues, the Swedish developer says.

Battlefield 4 gets new PS4 patch – crashing, corrupt saves & audio issues addressed

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at 10:45am December 12 2013
Battlefield 4 review PS4

DICE has issued a new update for Battlefield 4 on PS4 that should fix a number of issues including ‘client crashes’, corrupt saves and the audio issues that plague the larger maps like Golmud Railway.

Battlefield 4 PS4 patch targets one hit kill bug, DICE say there’s “still a way to go”

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at 03:58pm December 5 2013
battlefield 4 PS4 bugs

DICE has issued a new patch for Battlefield 4 on PS4, emphasising a focus on the ‘one hit kill’ bug as well as explaining its cause. It’s also issued a statement admitting there’s “a way to go with fixing the game” and will be halting further DLC development until it’s all working.

Battlefield 4 PS4 review – An almost amazing start to DICE’s next-gen ambitions

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at 01:49pm December 4 2013
Battlefield 4 review PS4

Interesting discussion (argument) I had while reviewing Battlefield 4 is what constitutes next-gen. Is it just good looks? Or is it something you couldn’t have experienced on a previous console generation? Battlefield 4 manages to deliver a partial tick on both fronts with some of the loveliest looking warzones on PS4 and, on the multiplayer side of things at least, an online spectacle that’s likely to leave you gawping in mute amazement as planes crash into mountains, flaming helicopters drop out of the sky and 64 people turn the map orange with gunfire.

Battlefield 4 trailer explains DICE is making “no compromises” on PS4

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at 05:17pm November 11 2013
battlefield 4

Let DICE’s Lars Gustavsson talk you through how the Swedish studio’s harnessing PlayStation 4′s power to deliver 64-player online action and unprecedented visual sparkle, then take some time out to enjoy his soothing voice. Even hearing abrasive PR-speak like ‘Levelution’ and ‘Battlefield moment’ is more palatable when it’s delivered with a Swedish lilt.

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