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DmC trailer shows off magot boss and whiplash platforming

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at 04:03pm August 9 2012

A new Devil May Cry trailer has been released by Capcom, showing off some new flesh-crawling monster battles, platforming stages in which Dante drags floating crates around with a whip, and some fancy air-juggling of hapless enemies with swords and scythes.

Devil May Cry HD Collection release date announced

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at 05:05pm December 20 2011

If your abiding memory of 2001 involves garrotting a huge lava spider demon with a six-foot sword, there’s an excellent chance you’re a DMC fan. In which case, you’ll be damn happy Capcom has just confirmed a release date for Dante’s demon-kiboshing adventures, with the Devil May Cry HD Collection, coming out in 2012. 

Is the New Devil May Cry part racer? New Escape trailer and screens say ‘yes’

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at 11:45am December 9 2011
Screen shot 2011-12-08 at 5.11.45 pm

The second Devil May Cry trailer is called The Escape (the first is called The Fight and shows off DmC’s combat). This seems to reveal a new on-foot race mechanic where Dante has to run through a distorting, collapsing city while messages flash up on the wall telling him to ‘Die’ or Fall’. Encouraging. 

New Devil May Cry trailer and 40 screenshots: The Fight

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at 11:26am December 9 2011
Screen shot 2011-12-08 at 5.36.51 pm

Here’s the first of two videos showing Ninja Theory’s new take on Devil May Cry, DmC (the second DmC trailer shows of an interesting new race mechanic). I like baby Dante’s updated look and the whole feel of the reboot, but I’m not sold on that generic teen brat voice. Interestingly Ninja Theory seem to have carried over some of Enslaved’s influences with Dante apparently protecting a young girl. Like Enslaved’s Trip she seems to be defenceless but able to perform…

New DmC footage from Ninja Theory shows off a really young Dante

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at 03:30pm December 8 2011
Screen shot 2011-12-08 at 5.27.28 pm

Ninja Theory have posted a new DmC trailer. It shows Dante traveling with a young girl as radio broadcast denouncing him as a terrorist plays in the background. Then a camera spots him, turns into a monster eye thing and “pulls him into limbo”. So far so good. Until he speaks and sounds like “generic wisecracking American teen number 4″. It’s a bit too Cartoon Network cocky brat-level voice acting for my…

New DmC screens

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at 04:43pm November 3 2011
DmC Devil May Cry PS3 screens

Right, these are the big Devil May Cry screens so you can actually see more of what’s going on. The bug monster is still horrible but there are some lovely colours and interesting environments – some of it looks like it been inspired by old oil paintings. After the shonky E3 trailer I’m starting to warm to Dante’s reboot.

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