Naughty Dog hires former Assassin’s Creed dev, Activision spends $500m launching Destiny, and Battlefield 4 gets pre-game squad join feature – PlayStation round up

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at 05:03pm May 6 2014
Uncharted 4

Back to the grind, eh? Those three days off seem so far away now. It was a simpler time. A time when Naughty Dog hadn’t yet revealed that it hired Assassin’s Creed III lead animator Jonathan Cooper. A time when you didn’t know Activision’s spending $500 million on Destiny’s launch (for context, Norway’s GDP is $499m). A time when you were still wondering when DICE would get around to adding in a pre-game squad join feature to Battlefield 4. Ah, but those days are behind us.

New Destiny screens and info – no AI companions, loot isn’t randomised, on-the-fly loadout changes in competitive matches

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at 04:45pm April 7 2014
Destiny 5

Bungie opened up its community mailsack recently and scattered razor-sharp shards of Destiny info all over its devoted fans. Oh, and some screens, too. The salient points? You won’t be able to recruit AI companions, as Bungie would rather you made use of all the other actual people milling around the solar system instead. There’s also a glimmer of info on the loot system – you’ll stumble across raw materials to upgrade your gear, and loot drops won’t be totally randomised but rather tailored to your class and level. Last, you’ll be able to change loadouts on-the-fly during competitive play, though there’s nothing stopping you being blown to smithereens as you do so.

Destiny’s Warlock, Hunter & Titan classes explained – Focus powers key to character building

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at 10:58am March 24 2014

What an elusive customer Destiny has been since its reveal early last year. Until now, you stood more chance of carrying a greased-up eel through a slip-n-slide than getting a firm hold on how Bungie’s forward-thinking online shooter actually plays. But at least we know how the character creation and class system works, giving us a better idea of what it’s like to grab a gun and explore the Solar System alongside some friends/strangers/tweens with the headset mic halfway down their throat.

First Destiny vehicle revealed – The Shrike

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at 12:06pm February 13 2014

PS4′s MMO shooter Destiny has revealed its first vehicle, the Shrike – a personal transport with a lot of Star Wars speeder bike styling to its design.

New Destiny screens show the Moon and Mars

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at 01:05pm January 29 2014
destiny ps4 screen

Bungie has been sneaking out a few Destiny screens on its Facebook page showing the Moon, Mars and a heavily armoured guardian looking a lot like a Space Marine.

New PS4 Destiny screenshots bring aliens, glistening planets and sexy capes

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at 11:12am January 15 2014

Every time we get a new batch of PS4 Destiny screenshots in it makes our trigger fingers quiver a little more in anticipation. Bungie’s shooter is shaping up incredibly well and could well be one of 2014′s best PS4 games.

Destiny PS4 HD gameplay – 12 minutes of the open world MMO shooter in action

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at 09:53am July 4 2013
Destiny PS4 gameplay

Here’s Destiny in full 1080p HD swing as it shows you one of its missions. In fact, the same mission you’ll have seen if you watched Bungie’s E3 2013 presentation, but played through again a little differently. How about all those graphics, huh?

Destiny E3 2013 gameplay trailer reveals MMOre of Bungie’s master plan

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at 10:24am June 11 2013
Destiny PS4 E3 2013

Take a peek at the new Destiny trailer. There’s grass swaying ever so gently in the breeze, the prettiest skeleton in a burned out car we’ve ever seen, a host of many-armed, heavily-armoured enemies from around the galaxy and even some actual combat.

Destiny trailer teaser arrives in the shape of a copy of The Second Jungle Book (?!)

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at 12:10pm May 23 2013
destiny jungle book teaser

So this arrived in the morning’s post. A copy of The Second Jungle Book, with a Destiny bookmark at a chapter called, The Law Of The Jungle. There’s also letter saying there’ll be a new CG trailer today to “continue the story”.

Destiny PS4 feature: a brave new world with Bungie’s hugely ambitious online shooter

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at 01:09pm May 15 2013

We visit Bungie for the lowdown on the megaton developer’s first post-Halo project; a massively ambitious online project that could reinvent the way we view shooters.

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