Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 demo on PSN tomorrow, unlocks content in the full game

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at 02:40pm January 21 2014
lightning returns demo

A demo for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 arrives on the Store tomorrow giving you a chance to try the new battle system and unlock FF6′s Siegfried Garb in the full game for beating the final boss.

Beyond: Two Souls demo coming Wednesday 2nd of October, new mo-cap dev diary

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at 04:09pm September 5 2013

Beyond: Two Souls will be getting a demo, arriving on the Store Wednesday 2nd of October. It offers two levels from a ‘young Jodie’ stage of the game and a later section as Jodie escapes from the government. There’s also another dev diary delving deeper into the mo-cap behind the game.

Gran Turismo 6 demo is out now

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at 11:22am July 2 2013
Gran Turismo 5: Academy Edition coming 26th September: start your engines! p2

Well, that one snuck up on us. You can play the Gran Turismo 6 PS3 demo from today, which means it’s time to start clocking in the hours around Silverstone in preparation for this year’s GT Academy.

Puppeteer demo heading to Europe… ooh, any day now

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at 02:31pm July 1 2013
Puppeteer PS3

Exciting news for those who quite like LittleBigPlanet-inspired puppet-platformers… but aren’t sold on the idea enough to buy such a game without trying it. Puppeteer is getting its very own European demo, and that demo’s arriving soon.

The Last Of Us gameplay from the God Of War demo

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at 12:52pm June 1 2013
The Last Of Us new screens

Here’s the latest The Last Of Us gameplay from the God Of War demo which went live last night. Between incomplete renders, YouTube errors, unstable internet connections, one breakdown and a near resignation I think I’ve reached some sort of peak.

Mass Effect 3 demo heading to PS3 on Valentines day

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at 10:10am January 19 2012
Mass Effect 3 demo PS3

Ohh, that’s awkward timing. We’re super-excited about BioWare’s next slice of blockbuster RPG pie, but does the Mass Effect 3 demo really have to hit the UK PSN on 14 February? It’s going to be a dark day for significant others across the board. But then, who’s going to save the galaxy – Shepard, or your girlfriend? Priorities, people. More details after the click.

PSN Update 11/1/12: AMY, Final Fantasy XIII-2 demo & more Battlefield 3 content

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at 02:43pm January 11 2012
PSN Update

New goodies are available in the latest PS store update, detailed over at the EU PlayStation blog. There’s survival horror title Amy, along with Zack Zero and Darksiders in the full games section, demos of Final Fantasy XIII-2, Asura’s Wrath and Grand Slam Tennis 2.

Need For Speed The Run demo hits PSN, new gameplay video lands

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at 11:39am October 20 2011
Need For Speed The Run Demo Gameplay Video

A new video for EA’s upcoming Need For Speed The Run shows some maniac racing a Lamborghini along snow-covered mounatin roads while dodging avalanches and deploying NOS like there’s no tomorrow. Looks a bit dangerous to try in real life, so thank heavens the new PSN demo of Need For Speed The Run lets you do it in the safety and comfort of your living room.

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