Dead Space 3 screens

New Dead Space 3 PS3 screens.

Dead Space 3 PS3 review screens – now staring Elton John & Prince Charles

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at 02:00pm February 5 2013
Dead Space 3 ps3 review screens

Here’s a whole bunch of Dead Space 3 screens from EA to check out. It does look a bit like them doesn’t it? The latest installment sees Isaac dragged back to fight the necromorphs again, this time with a co-op sidekick called Carver in tow.

Dead Space 3 PS3 preview

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at 08:01am January 22 2013

Some stuff happens at the beginning of Dead Space 3 that we’re not allowed to talk about. And then some stuff happens that really doesn’t feel like it belongs in a Dead Space game, but we can talk about that. Read on to let your eyeballs absorb the limb-lopping details we are allowed to discuss from our recent hands-on…

New Dead Space 3 screens show new Necromorphs, new guns… and a guy who looks a bit like John Goodman

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at 03:44pm November 30 2012

These new Dead Space 3 screens remind us of Roseanne, The Flintstones and The Big Lebowski…

Dead Space 3 screens are full of new rigs, monsters & toy soldiers

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at 03:48pm November 8 2012
dead space 3 screens

Finally some new Dead Space 3 screens. Feels like I’ve been working the last set for ages. Things to notice here are an expanding range of suits, what looks like a new monster and some weird giant toy soldiers. Where have they even come from?

Dead Space 3 screens are full of spacey goodness

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at 10:39am October 9 2012
Dead Space 3 screens

New Dead Space 3 screens show off a bit more space action with Isaac fully suited up for a walk in the cold clutches of zero-G.

Dead Space 3 screens: it really is behind you

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at 11:58am August 28 2012
Dead Space 3 screens

Here are some new Dead Space 3 screens showing off the spookier side of the game, something that’s been in question what with all the co-op and shooting.

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