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David Cage made the wrong game with Beyond – we need Kara on PS4

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at 11:16am December 11 2013
Kara David Cage sony e3 conference

When is a game not a game? The correct answer is when it’s a tech demo. That elusive slice of forward-looking graphical bewitchery that rarely ever gets a proper release. And in the case of David Cage’s beguiling Kara, that’s a massive shame.

PS4′s The Dark Sorcerer created using Beyond’s engine. “The minimum quality you can get on the console”, says Cage

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at 11:24am October 15 2013
The dark sorcerer PS4 demo

Here’s an interesting bit of news about Quantic Dream’s PS4 Dark Sorcerer demo. According to David Cage it was created using the Beyond: Two Souls engine and represents “minimum quality” you can get on the machine.

David Cage on doing what “no one expects”, creativity & PS4 being “way easier” to develop for

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at 03:31pm September 9 2013
David Cage & Ellen Page

He divides opinion like few other creators, but it’s hard to deny that the man makes some of the most interesting games around. We sat down to chat with David Cage about the future and Beyond…

New Beyond: Two Souls trailer tackles gameplay, “If a player doesn’t get it right, it’s only our fault”

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at 04:58pm July 23 2013
Beyond gameplay trailer

A new dev diary for Beyond: Two Souls features a load of new gameplay as well as David Cage and his team talking about honing and perfecting the gameplay, “If a player doesn’t get it right, it’s only our fault”.

David Cage on PS4 being “way easier to develop for than PS3″ and criticism of his games

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at 03:01pm July 2 2013

Beyond: Two Souls creator David Cage is a man of many words… with a fair whack of those involving your pesky human emotions. We sat down with him at E3 where he told us about what excites him with PS4 and how he responds to criticism that his games aren’t interactive enough.

Beyond’s David Cage: “I like to be divisive. It means you’re doing something meaningful”

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at 12:22pm June 21 2013
Beyond E3 screens

French quote machine David Cage has admitted he prefers to cause a stir, “because it means you’re doing something meaningful.” He explains that while games can be just “fun and adrenaline,” for him they should, “say something,” and, “maybe change you, even a tiny bit”.

David Cage on PS4: next-gen graphics “a spectacular improvement on PS3″

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at 05:02pm June 12 2013

Beyond: Two Souls creator David Cage wowed those in attendance at Sony’s E3 conference with Quantic Dream’s Dark Sorcerer PS4 tech demo. Writing on the EU Blog, Cage gives more details on the engine the Parisian studio has created on PS4, and why it’s so far above anything it could make on PS3.

David Cage talks Beyond: Two Souls, dodging sequels and why it’s “impossible to tell a decent story with a hero who can only run and shoot”

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at 03:00pm May 14 2013

Ooh, we don’t half love an ultra chatty, French auteur. Enter David Cage, as we chat to the Beyond: Two Souls creator about working with Ellen Page, full body performance capture and why it’s dang near unthinkable to spin a good yarn with a character that can only fire lead.

35 minutes of Beyond: Two Souls’ Tribeca film screening: Guitars, snow & childbirth

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at 11:26am April 29 2013

Here’s 35 minutes of Beyond: Two Souls’ Tribeca film screening, featuring a frozen, homeless Ellen Page living rough on the streets. Also included: guitar playing, hitting people with baseball bats and childbirth.

David Cage on hybrid games & films: “There is a future for this sort of thing”

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at 03:45pm April 26 2013
David Cage

Speaking exclusively to OPM UK, Quantic Dream’s controversial CEO and founder David Cage addressed concerns from hardcore gamers about his own brand of interactive cinema, saying “there is always a fear it won’t be interactive.” Cage stated his belief that the genre can continue in future, and told us about the importance of treating the player as the actor rather than “pretending the player ‘is’ the character.”

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