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Dark Souls 2 Moon Butterfly Armour is to die for

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at 12:08pm April 2 2014
Dark Souls 2 Moon Butterfly Armour

So it turns out if you finish Dark Souls 2 three times you can unlock the Moon Butterfly Armour. Not only does this make you look fabulous, as this video shows, it turns your character into an absolute PvP beast. Although that might have something to do with finishing the game three times.

Find the best Dark Souls 2 rings – locations & effects guide

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at 05:35pm March 24 2014
Dark Souls 2 screens

Here’s a tips guide to help you find the 60-odd rings in Dark Souls 2 and make the best use of them. This range of jewellery can affect HP, combat, magic, online elements, status effects and more. They’re found as treasure, awarded for quest completion, joining covenants and so on.

Dark Souls 2 basics guide: tips for the best weapons, Titanite farming & upgrades

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at 02:11pm March 18 2014
Dark Souls 2 screens

Here’s some handy Dark Souls 2 tips to help with weapons, upgrades and that precious Titanite. This basic guide covers the useful Drangleic Greatsword, armour and shield (think Drake Sword) plus various weapon type pros and cons, plus upgrade and farming advice to max out your Titanite reserves.

Dark Souls 2 PS3 beginners tips – rings, combat & boss tactics, & weapons guide

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at 09:42am March 14 2014

You need Dark Souls 2 tips. Really, you do. Don’t be proud. There’s no shame in admitting The Dragonrider has just killed you 17 consecutive times, you’re Hollow and your max health is teetering around the half way point. That’s where this handy guide comes in. I’ve spent over 60 hours playing Dark Souls 2 on PS3, so use these tips to ensure you learn from my many, many, many, many mistakes. Inside you’ll find hints on weapons, combat and a ring that will stop that dreaded HP rot.

Dark Souls 2 gameplay tips video – Dave’s guide to what he’s learned 45 hours in

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at 12:35pm March 13 2014
dark souls 2 PS3 screens

If you’re looking for a head start in Dark Souls 2 then here’s a tips video as reviewer Dave guides you through his 45 hour save. There’s everything here from covenants to combat, the new ring system and places you need to visit. Good luck!

Dark Souls 2 Covenant guide – tips for finding & picking the best fit for you

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at 12:17pm March 12 2014
dark souls 2 Covenant Blue Sentinel

Mastering Dark Souls 2′s covenants are crucial to progressing in the game. These groups give you access to protection and help, as well as hugely useful items, weapons and spells. They also open up the game’s online portion with PvP and co-op options. Here’s our guide to choosing and finding the one best for you.

Dark Souls 2 PS3 review – Things to do in Drangleic when you’re undead

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at 10:25am March 11 2014

Like haggis fritters smothered in Marmite, Dark Souls 2’s unrelenting difficulty isn’t for everyone. For those with a glutton for punishment, you’re in for a meal that challenges and nourishes like no other – albeit one that likes to hoof you in the unmentionables every chance it gets. Hold me, dear reader. This is going to be one bumpy, but thankfully brilliant, descent back into the depths of despair.

Loads of Dark Souls 2 screens – new monsters, customisation & underpants on display

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at 11:03am February 12 2014
Dark Souls 2 screens

Can you have too many Dark Souls 2 screens? I’m going to say yes. Here’s a load of new shots full of fresh monsters, and showing off customisation options. Fighting in underwear seems a common choice. I’m going to say a bad one.

Watch Peter Serafinowicz voice Pate in Dark Souls 2. “I remember you…”

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at 04:31pm January 31 2014
Peter Serafinowicz

Watch Peter Serafinowicz in action as he voices the Dark Souls 2 character Pate, a “treasure Hunter of sorts” who helps the player along in Namco’s nails adventure.

Dark Souls 2 – 6 new things we’ve learned from the first hour (apart from dying)

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at 02:35pm January 31 2014
Dark Souls 2

My time with Dark Souls 2 last night confirmed that, even though I may have the distinction of killing the Mirror Knight several months ago in a separate demo, I’m still appallingly bad at Dark Souls 2. It takes more than a couple hour-long sessions to learn how to crawl, never mind walk, in a new Souls game, but what I can report is that the journey is worth it.

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