dark souls 2 screens

Loads of Dark Souls 2 screens – new monsters, customisation & underpants on display

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at 11:03am February 12 2014
Dark Souls 2 screens

Can you have too many Dark Souls 2 screens? I’m going to say yes. Here’s a load of new shots full of fresh monsters, and showing off customisation options. Fighting in underwear seems a common choice. I’m going to say a bad one.

New Dark Souls 2 screenshots show giants, old hags and a dude with a shack on his back

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at 12:17pm January 17 2014

Though From Software hasn’t thought about the prospect of PS4 Dark Souls 2 yet, the PS3 version is shaping up to be a horrifically hard corker. These new screens reveal big ol’ monsters, creepy pensioners and what could be the greatest merchant since Resi 4′s infamous peddler gave Leon a right good creeping.

New Dark Souls 2 screens show Covenants & *big* monsters

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at 05:39pm December 5 2013
Dark Souls 2 screens

Loads of new Dark Souls 2 screens here showing all manner of things. Including (at least) three Covenants that allow you to summon aid, protection or invade other people’s games. There’s also a couple of very big bosses that make me feel sad just looking at them. They are going to take ages.

New Dark Souls 2 art leaks. Adorable Indian guide in a puffball skirt suggests it’s borked

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at 12:36pm June 3 2013
dark souls 2

New Dark Souls 2 art has leaked and while there are plenty of monsters, that cute girl appears in several images pointing at things suggesting she’s some sort of guide. Not very Dark Souls, then.

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