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Medal Of Honor Warfighter PS3 review – shooting for America like its 2007

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at 10:00am October 25 2012
Medal Of Honor Warfighter PS3 review

Warfighter is at best competent. A slightly damning indictment meaning that at its highest shooty peaks this is basically average. And a five odd year old average at that, with dialogue and gameplay that crib so hard from the Modern Warfare/Generation Kill school of American foreign policy that it touches down somewhere between parody and homage. Apparently this season’s way to talk in armyland is to call everyone “brother”. Roger? Over. Review actual. Hard copy, out.

Medal Of Honor Warfighter review – live as I play it

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at 09:30am October 23 2012
Medal Of Honor Warfighter PS3 review

When you don’t get sent a game to review until hours before the embargo, it’s not a good sign. When that game also comes with a day one patch fixing 46 issues, it’s not a good sign. I haven’t actually got any idea what Medal Of Honor is going to be like because I’ve not played it yet. However I’m about to play, and write as I go. Here’s the disk… I’m putting it in the PS3…

Medal Of Honor Warfighter E3 screenshots take you back to the front

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at 10:47am June 8 2012
Medal of Honor Warfighter PS3 E3 2012_small

Fresh Medal of Honor Warfighter screenshots from E3 2012, using all the Battlefield 3 engine’s graphical wow factor. EA’s shooter is scheduled for an October 26 release date.

Medal of Honor Warfighter PS3 preview: “We’re playing the long game”

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at 09:00am April 20 2012
Medal of Honor Warfighter ps3 preview screens

Military shooter? Time to bust out a bit of the old cynicism, then. After all, crowded marketplace, dominance of CoD, yadda yadda. But after Medal of Honor’s tentative return to the fray in 2010, initial impressions of Warfighter are encouraging – it looks like Modern Warfare running in Battlefield 3’s engine.

Medal Of Honor Warfighter PS3 screens

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at 09:00am April 20 2012
medal of honor warfighter ps3 preview screens

Here are the latest screens for Medal Of Honor Warfighter showing off how Tier 1 hand a hostage situation in the Philippines.

Medal Of Honor: Warfighter – new screens and info

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at 10:30am March 7 2012
Medal Of Honor PS3 screen

See, I said it had boats yesterday when the Medal Of Honor Warfighter trailer was released. Now there are screens and some info about the what and where of the game. Weirdly, the focus of the story seems to be marrige counseling. Really.

Medal Of Honor: Warfighter PS3 trailer released. Release date announced

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at 06:05pm March 6 2012
medal of honor warfighter PS3

It’s pretty teasy. The overall message from the new Medal Of Honor: Warfighter trailer is that it’s raining and you’re going to kill people. There’s shooting, explosions, rubber boats and so on. A burst of action towards the end seems to pack in a bunch of potential gameplay so I’ll get the image monkeys on that and see if a frame-by-frame breakdown yields more.

Medal Of Honor online review

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at 02:40pm September 14 2011
Medal Of Honor

Poor Medal Of Honor. It was always going to struggle to loosen Call Of Duty’s elite grip on the world of multiplayer shooters, and following the release of Black Ops it’s become more trade-in fodder than must-play. However, if the online servers start to feel as empty as a Helmand karaoke bar it won’t be because the game is poor. Buried in that impressive beard is a balanced and enjoyable…

Medal Of Honor review

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at 01:06pm September 12 2011
Medal of Honor

Yes, it’s a lot like Call Of Duty. Get over it. That game’s worth billions, has influenced almost every rival going and is consistently excellent. I want it to be like COD. This unashamedly borrows the familiar formula of varied, tightly-paced combat and ‘God that feels good’ gunplay and creates a confident take on modern warfare. It doesn’t beat Duty completely, but it gets close.

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