Need For Speed Rivals PS4 review – To protect and swerve on the streets of Redview County

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at 12:42pm November 29 2013

PS4 racer Need For Speed Rivals feels like a something you’ve played before. That isn’t surprising at all because what’s happened here is that the most popular bits from the last few NFS games – Hot Pursuit’s police chases and weapons, Most Wanted’s asymmetrical multiplayer and so on – have been cherry-picked and placed in a Paradise-like open world with a seamless multiplayer system called Alldrive that has six of you sharing the roads at once. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Really.

Need For Speed Most Wanted PS Vita review – connected Vita racer puts monsters in your pocket

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at 12:38pm November 14 2012
Need For Speed Most Wanted 2 E3 Screens

There are two ways to look at Criterion’s handheld port of Need For Speed Most Wanted: one as a technical achievement, and the other as a vehicle for long-term, portable enjoyment. On a technical level, it’s quite striking just how little’s been stripped down on Vita – Fairhaven City in its entirety is present and correct, down to the last Jackspot (not a euphemism), billboard and supercar. All its freedom and scope, its functionality in real-time four player and asynchronous multiplayer finds its way onto handheld with no gimmicky touch controls or tilting.

Need For Speed Most Wanted PS3 gameplay – recorded by a terrible driver

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at 11:11am October 31 2012

Here’s about half an hour of Need For Speed Most Wanted being played terribly by me. I apologise advance, I have all the driving skill of one of those dogs with wheels at the back. It’s worth watching around the 19m8s mark for a crash so bad it takes the other car 10 seconds to fall back out of the sky.

Need For Speed Most Wanted PS3 review – Pride is the new pink slip

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at 02:00pm October 30 2012

If Fairhaven City was a real place, it would have a stunningly high mortality rate. The roads are perpetually soaked in water, although it never rains. A gang of billionaire street racers continually terrorise the populace by haring around in their Bugattis, and the local police force appear to have licence to outright kill anyone, notching up hefty collateral damage as they go. If you weren’t turned to jam by the windscreen of a Porsche 918 Spyder as you ambled to the shop, you’d be just as likely to have your business premises obliterated by reckless rozzers. Yep, Criterion make fantastic city planners – just never get out of the car.

Need For Speed: Most Wanted PS3 preview

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at 01:01pm October 2 2012

We go hands-on with Criterion’s blisteringly nippy arcade racer one final time before our Need For Speed: Most Wanted review

Need For Speed: Most Wanted PS3 preview

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at 12:24pm September 21 2012

Like any good social device, Criterion’s Autolog has snuck up on everyone rather than announced itself with a street parade and its own theme song, but the extent of its enhancement to your racing experience has been limited until now. In Hot Pursuit it told you when a friend came online, or when they beat your fastest lap. In this follow-up, Autolog goes 2.0. It’s not there to accompany the game – it is the game.

Need For Speed Most Wanted preview: the social network

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at 09:55am September 7 2012

Our hands-on preview of Criterion’s Need For Speed Most Wanted, a socially-minded arcade racer that blows exhaust smoke in the face of naming conventions. The release date’s November 2nd.

Criterion: “Burnout’s not going away”

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at 10:57am June 7 2012
Burnout Paradise PS3

Speaking to OPM today at E3 2012, Criterion’s executive producer Matt Webster confirmed that the Burnout series definitely isn’t dead, despite the company producing back-to-back Need For Speed titles.

Need For Speed Most Wanted E3 screens and release date

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at 11:32pm June 4 2012
Need For Speed Most Wanted 2 E3 Screens

The next Need For Speed will be Most Wanted, developed by Criterion and see a return to the open world gameplay of games like Criterion’s Burnout: Paradise.

New Need For Speed announced, first screen revealed ahead of E3 demo

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at 05:47pm June 1 2012
Need For Speed Most Wanted E3

EA have announced the next Need For Speed will continue the Most Wanted name and be developed by Criterion, the team behind the Burnout series and Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit.

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